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Moneystrategy EA

The Expert Advisor works directly with the price and does not use technical indicators. All calculations are performed using historical data, price and time. High-risk strategies, like martingale, are not applied. The product provides a number of functions for minimizing potential losses and maximizing potential profits. You can set the trading lot size (fixed) or allow the Expert Advisor to calculate it according to the specified risk per trade parameter. The product works with four- and five-digit quotes. Timeframe M30.

Working pairs: EURJPY, EURGBP, NZDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD and EURCHF. The product does not work on other pairs, since the spread value and liquidity of the symbols do not allow applying this trading strategy. 

In order to test the EA in the strategy tester, enable the Visual mode. Test it using every tick, M30 timeframe and currency pairs mentioned above.

The product yields good results in the long run. The trading robot has several methods of tracking the trades and closing the positions. Protection against gaps is also provided. The trades are closed thirty minutes before the session ends in Friday. After developing this Expert Advisor, I spent quite a lot of time putting it in various conditions in order to find out the cases when it can destroy the deposit. However, I was not able to achieve that despite many tests, which is a good sign, of course. The trading robot can close 2-3 or even 5 loss-making positions in a row provided that the loss of each trade does not exceed the specified risk percentage. With standard settings, the risk comprises 0.5% per trade from the overall balance, while a profitable deal overrides the previous losses and increases the balance by 2-3% and more. In other words, we have a few small losses in a row followed by one big profit.

The product contains two parameters: Lot and Risk per trade in %. If you do not want the Expert Advisor calculate the previous trade's volume on its own, set Risk to 0. In this case, the fixed lot from Lot parameter is used. Good luck!

Felipe Ponce Aragon
Felipe Ponce Aragon 2018.10.28 15:26   

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8tango 2015.01.19 20:59   

I bought the ea and on my demo account the ea open 0 order since 16th December, 2014.


This ea does not work, it's a scam !!!

Version 1.2 2014.08.25
Added a check for the maximum spread and the possibility to increase the maximum number of open orders.

- MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread to enter the market.
- Slipage - slippage, requotes.
- MaxTrades - maximum number of simultaneously opened positions.
- TimeOnFriday - time after which it is prohibited to trade on Friday. If set to 0, then there is no prohibition.
Version 1.1 2014.08.14
Fixed recalculation of some parameters affecting market entries for 5-digit quotes. Added accounting of commission for ECN brokers. Now it works with symbols who have suffixes.