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Emission of DCMV indicator

Emission of DCMV indicator

Visualization of crossing of typical lines of the DCMV indicator allows you to see a picture of the market environment of the price. Emission can forecast and confirm forecasts, draw the support and resistance zones, show the intensity of the price movement. Many regularities of price changes are exposed to trader when using this technology.

  1. Defining market behavior.
  2. Searching support and resistance zones.
  3. Forecasting typical levels.
  4. Detecting trend changes in advance.
  5. Detecting price attracting points.
  6. Defining the intensity of price movement.
  7. Detecting price stop points (waves).
  8. Detecting movement type: trend or correction.

EMISSION FEATURES or what you should pay attention to:

  • slope
  • density
  • bend
  • distance from the zero bar


  • Do clean the picture regularly, because a great number of points overload the image and it becomes hard to read it (cleanup script example);

void OnStart()

  • Terminal settings: "chart on foreground", "chart shift" = center, "color scheme" = Yellow on Black";
  • You should set the tester in the way that visualization speed is approximately ~ 80%. Otherwise a half of points won't be displayed;
  • Use on M1;
  • Use with financial instruments with a high liquidity;
  • Look at emission and many regularities will be exposed themselves.


input int      diapasonDCMV=377; // Period of the DCMV oscillator
input bool     V_line=true;      // Vertical line on the "0" bar
input bool     H_line=true;      // upper breakborder and lower breakborder
input bool     p_Type1=true;     // point type 1
input bool     p_Type2=true;     // point type 2
input bool     p_Type3=true;     // point type 3
input bool     p_Type4=true;     // point type 4
input bool     p_Type5=true;     // point type 5
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