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This expert was created for the Automated Trading Championship 2012. The best achievement for this expert so far is 5-th place in the Championship 2012.

Pulfik expects reversal from around Donchian channels (highest high and lowest low over the last period time intervals). The Expert Advisor has few tricks where to enter the trade and how to utilize a profit.

This Expert Advisor has four parameters:

  • TP - Take Profit level in pips;
  • kSL – parameter, which is the (Stop Loss)/(Take Profit) ratio;
  • perDon – parameter for Donchian channels;
  • kBalance – money management parameter.

I optimized this algorithm to work with EURUSD, but it works well with other currency pairs.

Please note, that the testing results and the real trading (simulated on the Championship) might be different. In case of Pulfik, there is a good profit so far, although testing over the same period showed different result.


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