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Pepper MT4

Dear friends, I present my Mr.Pepper EA created on TradeFields technology. 
This is a multi-currency multi-timeframe EA that uses many strategies with various TA indicators -  MovingAverage, MACD, OsMA, 
StdDev, Stochastic, CCI, RSI, RVI, ADX, DeMarker, Enveloipes Force Index, Momentum, SAR, WPR etc... and Machine Learning, it's all pre-optimized, fully automated and vary covertly under cut.

EA contains following input parameters:

  • List of Tradefields (Tradefields) - is trade fields list commas separated, default empty string;
  • Lots Multiplier (MultiLots) - is a multiplication size factor for grid lots, default 0.0;
  • TakeProfit (TakeProfit) - is orders take profit, default 500;
  • StopLoss (StopLoss) - is orders stop loss, default 500;
  • Trailing Stop (TrailingStops) - is orders trailing stops , default 100;
  • Spread (MaxSpread) - is maximal spread, default 50;
  • Positions (MaxPositions) - is limit to max positions? default 50;
  • Indicator Filter (Indicator) - is the indicator used, default Candlestick Pattern;
  • PlayMonday,PlayTuesday,PlayWednesday,PlayThursday,PlayFriday - is time to play on weekdays, default "00:00-24:00";
  • PlaySaturday, PlaySunday - is time to play on weekend, default empty string;
  • Magic (Magic) - is orders magic number, default 7777779;
  • Comments (Comments) - is orders comments, default empty string;

By default, the List of Tradefields is empty and if you don’t define anything there, trade field formed automatically on mini-lot with symbol and timeframe which are selected to run the   EA in the Tester or on the Terminal chart.

You can define trade fields by specifying the size of the lot with the symbol and timeframe colon separated, for example 1.0:EURUSD:H1 or 0.01:GBPUSD:M1. Lot can be defined as percent from deposit for example  1%:EURUSD:H1. All work trade field are visualized on screen (See Screenshot)

Consider the fact that the EA uses a neural network and machine learning on historical data, so in training time intervals the trading results can be excessively good. But this should not be guided by and always check the  EA for forward trading, because the market is constantly changing and the results may be different.

Sylvain5947 2020.02.05 15:54 

Very bad EA, only losses

Open a multitude of orders the wrong way

Uzochukwu Igbasi
Uzochukwu Igbasi 2020.01.27 15:34 

10 Stars for this EA, very profitable, you just have to find a suitable set...

After one week test: Jan 27th to 31st

Alpari ECN demo = eurusd set1, starting bal: 1000$, 10% risk, weeks profit 48$, 4.8% (end bal 1048$)

Alpari ECN real = eurusd set2, starting bal: 46.68$, 0.01 lot, weeks profit 4.81$, 10.3% (end bal 51.49$)

Monthly result coming soon!!!!

Clifton 2020.01.26 07:34 

Losing money. I’ll try 4hr chart for two more weeks

Kevabk 2020.01.24 18:10 

Looks good only on the story. In real time there are a lot of stupid deals and losses. Toy for the tester. Do not waste your time and money.

cyberryder 2020.01.24 00:17 

It trades a lot. It's a dangereous strategy, as it scales with martingale into a countertrend trade sometimes. It can open a huge amount of orders during the countertrend move every ~3pips! This can skyrocket the lotsize, if you're not careful with the multiplier. However, if the trend continues against the open trades, it somehow enlarges the grid, BUT also INCREASES the martingale multiplier.

Vendor default settings are crap, with them you get only losses. Also the EA seems to have some bugs.

Vendor is not very helpful and supportive. You've to find out all by yourself.

After a lot of testing and tweaking I finally got it profitable with own settings.

The EA has some bugs.

Version 2.75 2020.02.15
Added options
Version 2.70 2020.01.20
Optimization update
Version 2.65 2020.01.15
Corrected work with the grid of orders and optimization
Version 2.60 2020.01.09
Added auto optimization