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I am Gold Digger

The I am Gold Digger Expert Advisor is a professional tool for trading grids of orders on CFD - Gold / Forex – XAUUSD instrument only during high impact news events.

The algorithm of the program is arranged in such a way that the EA start trades with instant buy-sell hedging. A special algorithm calculates rest edges of grid and place stop orders layers.

To activate the news filter, you have to add this URL http://ec.forexprostools.com/ in the setting of MT4. Then allow WebRequest for listed URL


  • Automatic trading mode, no need manual interference
  • United States holidays filter included
  • Works on Forex/CFD (Instrument; XAUUSD or GOLD)
  • Use on H1 Time Frame

Public holidays in United States, dynamically added into code and below is reference URL/Link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_holidays_in_the_United_States#List_of_Federal_Holidays

Automatic money management and daily profit target features added and set default values at best optimistic levels. 

Back testing not performing full features, therefore results of back testing poor.

I have Set Monthly rent 10$ as limited time offer, therefore don’t hesitate to avail this opportunity and test this product on your own Demo or Live accounts with minimal lot size.


Live Account Monitoring



Automatic Lot on Balance Based - true / false
Lot per Deposit Cycle - Lot per Deposit cycle
Deposit Cycle - Deposit Cycle
Manual Lot While Auto Lot False - Manual Lot While Auto Lot False

Takeprofit – Self explanatory

Layers – Description: Grid Initialization and Layers

initialize_grid – true/false

Layer3 – true/false

Layer4 – true/false

Layer5 – true/false

Layer6 – true/false

Layer7 – true/false

max_spread – 40 Default Value

Trade Comments – Self explanatory e.g. default is Bismillah 

StopLoss_Des – Description: 0 mean no stop loss

StopLoss_USD – Stop Loss in USD

DailyTarget_Des – Description: 0 mean no daily profit target

DailyTarget – Desciption: Daily Profit Target in USD

TradeStartTime – Start Time in GMT Time, default is 08:00

TradeStopTime – End Time in GMT Time, default is 17:00



Account Type: Any

Recommended Balance for Standard/ECN Accounts: 500$

Recommended Balance for Micro/Cent Accounts: 50$

Recommended Leverage 1:500

Recommended pair: XAUUSD or GOLD

Time Frame: H1

VPS: A VPS with good latency rate.


Keine Bewertungen
Version 9.0 2020.01.15
1- Grid Initialization Function Improved
2- Take Profit Default Value Changed
Version 7.0 2020.01.15
1- News Filter Function Added - (EA will works only on High Impact News Events)
2- Default Parameters Valued Improved
Version 5.0 2020.01.09
1- Manage Hedge Function Added
2- Daily Profit Target Modified
3- Friday Trading Closed
Version 4.0 2020.01.08
1- Daily Profit Target Function Improved
Version 3.0 2020.01.02
1- Daily Profit Target Function Improved / Bug Fixed
Version 2.0 2019.12.31
1- Bug fixed in Daily Profit Target Function
2- Dynamic Lot Calculation Function Added