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Scalperinho EA

Scalperinho is an universal indicators-based expert advisor that can be optimized for any currency pair. It trades using open prices that minimizes difference between strategy tester and real trading and allows one to provide fast optimization of a number of parameters. The adaptive system of dynamic filtration changes the trading algorithm for any particular pair.

The example of real tradin:


Advantages of the EA

  • doesn't use danger strategies like martingale
  • can start from small deposit
  • dynamic adjustment for the current market
  • fast optimization
  • rough stop loss

Trading conditions

  • minimal deposit: $10
  • account type: any (ECN is recommended)
  • trading pair: any
  • timeframe: M15

Input parameters

  • Fixed_Lot - the size of fixed lot (at Reinvestment_Risk = 0)
  • Reinvestment_Risk - dynamic lot in percent of deposit
  • TrendFilter1...3 - the level of trend filtering
  • OscillatorFilter1...2 - the level of filtering by the oscillator
  • WPR_Close - the value of WPR for closing trades
  • MA_Period - the period of moving average (it is used in trend filters)
  • CCI_Period - the period of CCI (it is used in trend filters)
  • ATR_Period - the period of ATR (it is used to estimate volatility)
  • WPR_Period - the period of WPR (it is used in oscillator filters)
  • ATR_Limit - the value of ATR
  • MaxCCI - the maximal CCI value to open trades
  • BE_value - breakeven level in points
  • BE_points - breakeven level in points
  • OppositeSignal_Close - the level of closing at opposite signal
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points
  • MagicNumber - magic number of EA's orders
  • MaxSpread - maximal spread to open trades
  • Slippage - maximal slippage for non-ECN accounts

Actual presets for all pairs:


4-digits points are used in settings. The EA recalculates all parameters automatically for 5-digits if necessary.

Why does it so cheap?
It is a promotion. The price will be 10 times higher in future.

3der 2020.03.13 01:11 

When you make an EA and you don't answers to your customers but you pubblish new EAs means ony that you are looking for $$$ from them!

Topomoto11 2020.02.23 18:58 

Ea abandoned, author disappeared and signal deactivated .... do you need anything else to understand?

Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2019.12.17 11:00 

Basic EA is good, reliable, but fails to perceive the end of the trend or an overbought / oversold, for now removed from the live account, waiting for the author to do something to solve this.

Fajar Alam
Fajar Alam 2019.10.25 02:20 

It is Very Good EA..It works well on real test same as backtest and Profit decent ( the entry and exit are smart)

One Trading System that works on 20 Pairs , of ccourse need different set on each pair and I think its very good trading system..

I think its not a scalper its intraday trading and not sensitive to any broker spread and slippage

Thank Author and Keep up the good work

Version 1.1 2019.10.12
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