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Regression and Standard Deviation Channel

This indicator is designed for all symbols (FOREX/CFD) and all time frames.

You need to know the regression and standard deviation issues .

The regression for Buy Stop and Sell Stop is good and shows the trend .

The standard deviation represents the Break out of a Trend. It is good to Buy Limit and Sell Limit .

The best range of regressions is between 45 and 80 .

Above 80 and below 45 probabilities of Break out are very high .

The third line at the M30 time frame is good for Buy Limit and Sell Limit in the standard deviation .

The yellow solid line in standard deviation is that I mentioned the third line .

You have four lines, two white and yellow. The taller is associated with long and large Trend regression. In addition, smaller is short Trend regression .

If the tip of the white line is higher than the yellow line, then the regression is incremental. And conversely.

Please refresh in all time frames.

Download the full data in all time frames(F2).

The lack of information has an impact on the performance of the indicator.

Double click on the pink line and then click Ok, it will be refereed .

For trade choose a time frame more than M15.

And to get the best results about inputs, you can use my other product for research. Because this robot gives you the best settings on each Symbol and at any time frame.

Please see the following link.


Wishing you a great days and successful trading!

Saeid Irani

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Version 190.909 2019.10.06
Improved computing.
Version 190.808 2019.08.07
Improved computing.
Improve the allocation of colors.
Work on a strategy tester.
Accountability to all Symbols.
Improved accountability for all time frames.
Make sure you have no data gap at any time frame.
Try to have information at least from Year 2010 in your data pool.
Because the channels will operate more precisely.
If the chart speed drops. Enter the Past_Bars_Division_Limit number greater than 3.

Wishing you a great days and successful trading!
Saeid Irani