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FY Wealth


For You Wealth is a Martingale expert advisor for EURUSD.

It trades in counter trend on qualified enter signal supported by RSI.

Easy to use.

A start balance of 1000 currency units is fine or if you can add to this balance in deeper DD.

Setup  with default values on H1 time frame

MagicS1=88710                      magicno to use

bcomment="FY Wealth"          broker comment

work_mode=dynamic             work_mode extends or shrinks TP on situations with 2 or more open positions. dynamic reacts on trend,fastest always uses lowest TP with a chance of lowest DD (12 versus 15),moderate means medium TP, high_profit means maximum extended TP (DD=15).

vTP_buy=30                           virtual TP in pips for buys = 30 pips

vTP_sell=30                           virtual TP in pips for sells = 30 pips

start_lot=0.01                       start lot size
buy_allowed=true                  allow buys
sell_allowed=true                  allow sells

maxorders                             maximum number of orders (per direction)

close_percent                       close all positions if draw dawn reaches this value

hedge_allowed=true              allows buys and sells at same time

maxspread=15                       maximum  spread for trading
showInfo=true                       show panel
info_every_ticks=2;               show panel every 2 ticks
background=clrDeepSkyBlue; background for panel
bg_transparent=false;           make panel transparent
textcolor=clrWhite;              text color in panel
corner=CORNER_LEFT_UPPER anchor for panel
verbose=false     write verbose log

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Version 1.7 2019.09.18
-new durable mode
Version 1.6 2019.08.14
- panel did show 'up' on neutral trend in some cases
Version 1.5 2019.08.14
- trend in panel fixed
Version 1.4 2019.08.14
- new parameters work_mode_buy,work_mode_sell : use suitable TPs by looking at trend
- better (higher on sell, lower on buy) entry points on additional positions using pending orders in some situations
- panel indicates trend
Version 1.3 2019.07.03
rise profit and profit factor
Version 1.2 2019.07.01
- new parameter maxorders (= 11)
- security exit on draw down value (= 50 %)
- extended panel with DD if there is
- bug fix on profit value in panel
- bug fix on hedge==false
- coding revised, less CPU consumption
Version 1.1 2019.06.28
- TP hard set as part of positions
- different Tps for buy and sell to avoid swap on buys, faster buy close
- open consecutive candles on new bar only
- extented panel