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Account info and Trend

Trend function consisting of five filters + info panel that displays basic information on the account and the current tool.
Any number of filters can be used, the turned off filters do not participate in the formation of a trading signal. To turn off the filter, you must enter a negative value for the variable Differ.
The indicator has a graphical interface. Using the GUI, you can change the value of any trend filter settings or turn it off. The entered values ​​can be written to a set-file. Set-files are saved in the "MQL4 / Files" folder. The file name is generated for each tool separately, after saving the file can be copied or moved to the "MQL4 / Presets" folder or loaded from the save location. The interface also has a "Delete indicator" button.

The info panel displays information about the growth of "Balance / Deposit%" and "Equity / Deposit%" and "Floating Profit%".
 The total number of deals and orders opened on the account is also displayed.
For the current instrument (separately for the buy and sell) the following information is displayed :
- amount of deals
- volume of transactions
- current profit.
Panel also displays the drawdown level in points separately for each of the directions.

The indicator is intended for use in manual trading, but can also be used for an advisor. Information about the trading signal is output to buffer 0, index 0. The value "1" corresponds to "Buy-Signal", "-1" = "Sell-Signal", 0 = "NoSignal".

The filter "General trend" is the author's indicator.
"Base trend"," Fast trend" and "Short trend" filters are using the standard MA indicator.
The "RSI trend" filter uses the standard RSI indicator, estimates the difference in values ​​over a given number of periods.
All timeframes are set explicitly, changing the period of the chart does not affect the operation of the indicator.
Constants "Differ"  are compared with actual value of indicators.
For "Digits = 3" and "Digits = 5", the entered values ​​are automatically multiplied by 10, for the remaining "Digits" values, the values ​​are used "as is".

Input parameters:

  • Initial_Deposit - initial deposit. Incorrect value will distort the info panel statistics.
  • FromTop / Shift - position of the info panel on the chart
  • generalPeriod (H1) - the number of periods of the "General trend" indicator
  • generalDif - a constant with which the indications of the "General trend" indicator are compared
  • Base1_Period (H4) / Base2_Period (H1) - the number of periods for the indicator "Base trend"
  • baseDif - a constant with which the "Base trend" indicator is compared
  • Period (M15) - the number of periods of the "Fast trend" indicator
  • fastDif - a constant with which the "Fast trend" indicator is compared
  • Period (M1) - the number of periods of the "Short trend" indicator
  • shortDif - a constant with which the readings of the "Short trend" indicator are compared
  • RSI_TF / RSI_Per / RSI_Dif - RSI indicator parameters

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