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Scalper Grid Lite

This EA is a Lite Version of the Scalper Grid

~Please consider buying the Full Version!~

Scalper Grid Full Version is currently at just  $99 with a lot more functions, better safety and better profitability:


Features Summary

  • This EA leverages strategies and algorithms of the two popular strategies,  scalping and  grid trading. After tuning it not only takes advantage of scalper’s high win rate, but also grid system’s high resilience in the case of an unexpected trend. 
  • Phased setup allows you to fine-tune volume, take-profit etc. strategies differently at different level of grid and equity. It also allow the EA to get out of a trending market easily by adjusting the TP target automatically.
  • Volatility and RSI filtering to make sure the positions are opened at the best time for high win rate

  • Customizable exponential volume escalation for various risk appetite and currency characteristics

Important: The default set works for  EURUSD M1

Please join the Scalper Grid Telegram group at the following link: https://t.me/joinchat/Dpr6NxWDWOHOcK0VIJJfIA

Features not available in the Lite Versionbut available in the Full Version of Scalper Grid

  • Allow hedging positions to co-exist for better profitability

  • Time filtering for even better entry times and avoid high volatility market periods

  • New filtering to avoid high impact news which cause huge spikes of market movements

  • MACD entry mode for more customizability
  • Stop loss setup to exit the market and prevent further losses

  • Money management function to provide automatic calculation of entry lots according to deposit sizes

  • Multiply and ladder mode of volume escalation for grid characteristics

This EA can practically work on any  currency pairs and  time frames with proper optimization.

General Recommendations:

Minimal Capital for this EA is  $1000 with  1:400 leverage. To ensure safety, it's suggested to  add $1000 capital per added traded pair.

- Avoid trading with pairs and sets with high correlation (>0.4), e.g., EURAUD and AUDCHF, EURAUD and AUDUSD

- An ECN broker is always recommended

- A VPS with low latency is always recommended

- Use a different magic number for a different chart if you plan to use it on multiple currency pairs

Please find the comments section for more information including the user guide and backtest result

Please join the Scalper Grid Telegram group at the following link: https://t.me/joinchat/Dpr6NxWDWOHOcK0VIJJfIA

Warning: This EA uses the strategy of grid trading, therefore it could involve high risk. Please do some testing with the demo version and make sure you understand how it works before you trade with this EA

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