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WarLock is an expert Advisor created on the basis of Forex trading experience for more than 15 years.

The basis of the EA, both trend trading and trading against the trend.

The EA uses indicator signals and mathematical calculations to open orders and trades in both directions.

The EA also receives signals from the news indicator and does not trade during the news period, which has a positive effect on the trading result as a whole.

Such currency pairs as EURUSD, GBPUSD and others and charts of 5 min or others are used.

The EA should be optimized for the current market 2 times a week, so that the results do not differ dramatically from the test results for several years.

When trading, the robot shows good results when testing .


    • Server-if the EA is located on a remote server, it reduces the load, and can be used on a home computer.
    • ECN-if the account is ECN.
    • Time Start-time when the EA starts trading on the account.
    • Reset-reset counters(for real account.
    • Close All Orders-close all orders of the EA(to continue trading you should return)
    • NEWS SERIES ORDERS-allows the EA to open new orders after closing their series.
    • Namber EA on 1 pair(1-3)-if several expert advisors work on one symbol, each EA is assigned a number from 1 to 3.

    • Orders Close Max-if orders in one direction reach Max Buy Orders/Max Sell Orders then this direction is closed, but on condition. that the profit in this direction will reach the value of rders Close Max Profit. If both directions reach highs and the profit in both directions reaches Close Max Profit, then both directions will be closed.
    • Orders Close Max Profit-profit in $ to close the direction.
    • LONG TRADES OPEN *- allows purchase.
    • SHORT TRADES OPEN *- allows sales.
    • Lots - initial lot.
    • Take Profit - profit in points for closing.
    • Lot Exponent - coefficient of lot increase.
    • Step - step between orders.
    • Slip - maximum deviation from the price for opening/closing orders.
    • Spread Max Orders Open Close-maximum spread at which the EA opens new orders.
    • Stop Loss On-Off - closes losing positions.
    • Stop Loss-size for closing losing positions.
    • Max Buy Orders-maximum number of buy orders.
    • Max Sell Orders-maximum number of sell orders.
    • Deposit/Lots-Proportional trading in which the initial lot depends on the Deposit.
    • Deposit start-the size of the initial Deposit.
    • Lots start - initial lot.
    • Lots Long - if true, the initial lot is not reduced if at least once increased.
    • Trades Trend-trend trading.
    • Profit - profit on the trend.
    • Stop Loss Trend - trend loss.
    • Min Trend Point - the size of the trend to trade.
    • Close Slump Max %- if the loss reaches this value as % of the Deposit, all orders are closed.
    • Close Profit Max %-if the profit reaches this value as % of the Deposit, all orders are closed.
    • Close Orders Money - close orders and trade if the equity reaches the size of Money(to start trading, you should turn off or set a new value.)
    • Money -size of equity for closing orders and trading.
    • Close Order (Stop Out) on-off-closes the first opened order in a losing series if the loss is close to StopOut, that would not be forced closing of all orders by the broker.
    • Stop Out % size to begin closing the order, if for example stopout level = 50% you should install 52-53 .
    • The rest of the settings are in the subject of the expert Advisor discussion.

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