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Currency Force by LATAlab

We present you a powerful tool that analyzes 28 currency pairs on one chart at the same time. Which makes possible to find the best entry point, and the trading symbol at the moment!

Attention to all users! Currency Force by LATAlab does not work in the strategy tester, because  it's impossible to analyze the 28 currency pairs at once in tester. Indicator works only on live quotes. 

For maximum understanding we publish 3 video with indicators work and results. Please watch and read all details it in the our blog https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/726275

For all who bought the Currency Force indicator there is a great opportunity to use  Currency Force Trade Panel, with panel your trading will be more quick and profitable.

  • The panel automatically sets Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.
  •  You can open orders in one click.
  •  Customize any volume.

For maximum comfort trading, indicator is equipped alerts, a-mail notifications and push notifications.

Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2019.05.18 19:09 

An indicator is something that indicates a underlying market trend that will be 100-200-300-400 pips, but this nobody can ever know.

Analyze the market for your experience, enter the main trend, evaluate at least h1, if you use M5-M15 you will be a loser.

Be careful of fast reversals, wait for the moment appropriate and then hit;)

zebrarider 2019.05.15 01:09 

Currently testing the indicator:

- 15 May: Noticed some previous signals disappear (Comment #67) / Some more previous arrow signals appear when I restarted Metatrader terminal (Comment #70)

- 22 May: v3.0 still redraws past arrow signals (Comment #80)

masa 2019.05.14 22:16 

The lowest indicator ever

Raoul de Jong
Raoul de Jong 2019.05.14 15:40 

This indicator is not worth the money at all. First signal i got was straight away a losing signal. a BUY signal while the trend was going down fast! GN, look at yesterday (14 May 2019) chart. For me that is right away trash. Indicator has been deleted within 15 minutes!!

Ted NO FX 2019.05.14 12:38 

Very bad indicator. some previous signals disappear. Not making profits, only loss! As the buyer of the indicator you get the opportunity to get an EA free of charge by adding 5 stars, false thing... bad

ivan 2019.05.14 11:12 

Previous signals disappear and support is bad, do not reply at messages ,do not buy it, it is trash

sittipatc 2019.05.14 07:30 

The really good indicator. I am win 2 trade in the row after purchased this one. :)

Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen 2019.05.13 00:38 

As the buyer of the indicator you get the opportunity to get an EA free of charge by adding 5 stars, which gives false results. I have now tested this indicator and it is not something that is worth the money as it gives false results and if you want this you can easily find an indicator that is free.

Stay far away from this one.

rafik_sg 2019.05.12 12:44 

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Alex Chua
Alex Chua 2019.05.10 21:36 


Firestarter 2019.05.10 08:31 

This is a greatest indicator so far I know and the person who invent this as well. You are genius Olena. Thank you.

EmilCarlsson 2019.05.08 18:10 

So far so good, running on low timeframes with profitable trades so far

fdyjxln 2019.05.08 17:26 

Very good,My QQ:234131976.

Tom sheep
Tom sheep 2019.05.07 22:34 

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Cristian Mantovani
Cristian Mantovani 2019.05.07 22:29 

It is a good tool

Aamer Iqbal
Aamer Iqbal 2019.05.07 16:48 

Currently testing it, but I am not getting much profitability on H1 time frame

Dorota GOLIK
Dorota GOLIK 2019.05.07 16:14 

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ales71 2019.05.07 13:39 

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thetrader123 2019.05.07 11:25 

Liking it thus far, great customer support too!

sunnychow 2019.05.06 17:40 

It is a good tool, good work. also they are so supportive, and willing to hear my voice quickly. they improve the speed to be faster and show the TP & SL win rate % in Push and email functions, that is very professional indeed . as we never slow down the chart changing on trading. I am so appreciated their effort.

Thank you very much.

Aravind 2019.05.06 16:19 

Indicator performance very slow making it unusable.

Paulus Nangoy
Paulus Nangoy 2019.05.06 12:51 

Good support, I am testing it now, so far looks promising.

Version 3.0 2019.05.16
The main code of indicator has been reworked. That allowed the indicator to work much faster and improve the quality of transactions
Version 2.0 2019.05.14
Added push notifications with percentage of TP and SL
Version 1.20 2019.05.08
1. Improved algorithm of the indicator operation with the Currency Force Trade Panel. Currency Force Trade Panel works only with those signals of the indicator on which it and the indicator are installed.
2. For convenience to traders when using the Indicator immediately on non-similar Time Frames, the Time Frame of the signal has been added to all notifications.
3. The indicator analysis process is maximally accelerated, further accelerations will lead to deterioration of the results. What we can not allow.
Version 1.10 2019.05.07
1. Added the ability to work on servers that use prefixes for characters (for example, EURUSD.c or USDJPYm). If there is no prefix, leave the field blank.
2. Added the ability to change the font size for the main table (for those who have non-standard screen scale).