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Easy Trade Manager Free

Easy Trade Manager 5.0 Free - Only will work with Eur/Usd pair with 100$ risked

Drag the RED line on the EUR-USD Graph to fix the Stop-Loss. Buy/Sell! TP1,2,3 and lot size will be done based on the default version.

Use the default EA(Do not change any setting in the free version - You can use it in live or demo),

Be profitable from tomorrow -Why Risk Reward is important : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83qFdyTgnds

Take all the trades with Trade Manager! Plan your trade.

Basic features which are one of the most important factors to be a successful trader in the paid version;

1. Book Profits at TP1,TP2 and TP3

2. Manage Risk according to amount set per trade. Eg.$ 100 ( Max loss ) - This can be 2% of your total equity.

3. Set how much (%) you want to book at TP1, TP2 and TP3. Eg. 50% of $100 at TP1, 25% at TP2 and 25% at TP3

4. Select the LOT SIZE automatically based on the STOP-LOSS! ( Set lot size=auto to enable this feature )

5. Mostly importantly, Set the Trade automatically to Breakeven at TP1 or TP2 ! ( Breakeven=TP1/TP2 )

Pls leave a good review if you like the EA & send me suggestions to improve

Advanced users-

1. Trail Stop-Loss automatically based on two features ( Settings = Yes/Auto ) ;

- Manually set the trail step pips (YES)

- Automatically trail based on Parabolic SAR (AUTO) | Advantages of P.SAR https://goo.gl/NWG3dV

2. Manually enter the TP1,TP2 and TP3 Pips ( make sure its in pips ) and trade

3. Manually enter the lot size and trade ( You can still use the auto take profit features ) - Eg. You can trade 0.1 lot every trade but automatically set the EA to calculate 1:1,1:2,1:3 TPs

4. Manually enter the any amount to risk and trade. Eg. Trade with $100 every time but automatically calculate the lot sizes.

Finally,select which default setting you like and keep trading from the chart!

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