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FiberGlass is an EA that seeks its trades where there are big price movements and closes them without any Trailing Stop.

To close a trade, it uses only Take Profit and Stop Loss. Furthermore, you can enable CloseTrade function.

The EA is optimized for EURUSD M15.

The size of the results is related to the number of trades that may be opened at the same time (MaxOpenOrders), to the percentage of risk used (RiskPercent) and to the account leverage that we suggest should be of 500 on a micro account.

These values are interdependent meaning that the EA calculates the amount of lots for each trade to open considering MaxOpenOrders parameter and the ratio between the part of balance calculated with the RiskPercent parameter and the margin required by broker for one LOTSIZE.

The number of trades that may be opened, respecting MaxOpenOrders parameter, are calculated considering the amount of lots and the amount of balance usable applying the RiskPercent parameter.

For more details on the settings, please use this link http://www.forexrobotrade.com/?p=529

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.25 06:17 

1 Star (20%) = Bad

2 Stars (40%) = Undecided (still testing)

3 Stars (60%) = Okay

4 Stars (80%) = Good

5 Stars (100%) = Excellente!

Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.27 06:07 

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Juvenille Emperor Limited
Eleni Anna Branou 2017.03.17 17:57 


Oksana Machok
Oksana Machok 2017.02.08 14:25 

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Version 1.1 2014.07.03
- New method to calculate position size for all currencies.
- Added comment "FiberGlass" on OrderSend function.
- Added Closing function with two variables:
CloseTrade - true/false.
MaxStop - distance in points to be considered to close trade.
-Added TrailingStop.