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WebRequest Download MT5

The bot use web-request to down load  single file from any web-server. It connect web-site using a web-socket  and download into a selected folder in MetaTrader 5.

User can select whether a common directory or a data directory of the MetaTrader 5. When run in a single computer or VPS the bot will always update files continuously. It is working with one-way synchronizing  of single file. It has an option to create the local sub-directory and locale file name.

The bot allow to set the source-file directory to point a source-file in web-server.

The bot will fulfil the idea into continuous update the running others trading bot's parameter or data as the need. 

The bot can run with a Private Copy Trade MT5, and download a data binary file  from web-server into share-common directory. Private Copy  Trade MT5 then can perform with VPS.



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