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Wise Grid MT5

The Wise Grid Expert Advisor is a Professional EURUSD Grid Trading System.

Money management is the key of this grid strategy success. Opening and closing times of the London Markets are the most important parameter for this system. 

It has a smart algorithm which detects the trend, filters out market noise. The expert creates orders on trend direction.

The Expert was tested in 20 years of EURUSD historical data. Please download it and test it yourself. The Wise Grid aims to keep the trade results stable.

Live Performance    >>> https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/565782


  • It is fully automated expert, you just need to let it run on a server
  • You do not need configuration or optimization work
  • Tested (Period: 1999-2018)
  • Spread Filter has added
  • Alerts are pop-up, push notification and sound alerts
  • Fully compatible with other Expert Advisors and manuel trading
  • Easy-to-use trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders

My other products can be found here -----> https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ozkankara27/seller#products

How to Set 

Symbol & TimeFrame
  • Symbol: EURUSD
  • TimeFrame: You may choose every TimeFrame. I recommend H1
  • This expert is optimized for EURUSD. Every pair has their own characteristic. 
  • Minimum Deposit: 3000 $


    • Risk Levels: Low, Medium, High
    • Important for beginners: If you aren't familiar with grid systems, please select Low Risk Level.

Winter TimeZone & Daylight Saving Time(DST)

  • It is important to set right TimeZone and Daylight Saving Time to your broker time.
  • You need to know your Broker's Winter GMT Offset and Daylight Saving Time active or not.
  • If you are not sure about this settings please ask to your brokerage firm.
  • Please choose ECN/STP brokers or low spread brokers
  • Low spread is everytime good for all systems. Please ask for low spread and commission from your broker.
  • 0.01 Micro lot must be available to trade
  • Some lot parameters are needed. Minimum Lot: 0.01 & Lot Increment: 0.01

Input Parameters

  • Broker's Winter GMT Offset: Your broker's timezone in winter (Default +2)
  • Daylight Saving Time: If your broker's time is observed DST, choose true.
! IMPORTANT TO SET THESE PARAMETERS         * Broker's Winter GMT Offset          * Daylight Saving Time
  • Percentage of Free Margin (0-100): When Auto Lot is enabled and this value is 80, it means expert will use 80% of your free margin for trading. This value must be between 0-100.
  • Protection Type: If Total Loss of this EA is greater than the amount or the percentage of account balance, EA closes all orders and stops trading. If you need to run it again, you need to reload it.
  • Max Loss - Amount in Account Currency: If Protection Type is Max_Loss_Amont, his value is used for calculation for maximum loss value.
  • Max Loss - Percentage of Balance (1-100): If Protection Type is Max_Loss_Percentage_Of_Balance, this value is used for calculation for maximum loss value. It must be between 1 to 100.

  • Max Orders: It shows maximum orders at the same time. (Default: 30)
  • Order Magic Number: Magic number for this expert's orders
  • Max Slippage (in points): Maximum deviation from quoted price (its just for instant execution type brokers)
  • Order Comment: You may add a comment to your trades
  • Enable Spread Filter: If this is true, spread is checked everytime before enter any order. 
  • Max Spread (in points): Maximum spread which is allowed
  • Push Notification Alerts: If this is true, it will send notifications to your phone
  • Pop-Up Alerts: If this is true, it will show a message to your computer screen
  • Play Sound Alerts: If this is true, it will play sound file when a signal is produced
  • Sound File: If 'Play Sound Alerts' parameter is true, the expert plays this sound file on opening or closing orders
  • Show Informations On Chart: If this is true, real time informations are shown on main chart

About Author

Hello, My name is Ozkan. I am a Quant Trader (Algorithmic Trading Software Developer).
I have been developing Algorithmic Trading Systems since 2008. I usually work on major currencies, CFD and Futures.
I am interested in Statistical Arbitrage and Signal Processing on any market’s data. My main goals are developing and selling new strategies for the financial markets.
Do you like Wise Grid? Please write a review.
If you require any further information, feel free to contact me

Best Regards, Ozkan

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Version 2.3 2019.06.27
- "After Loss" parameter is added to "Loss Protection". After Loss parameter has two option: "Go On Trading" or "Stop Trading"
- Fixed Lot is added for starting lot.
Version 2.2 2019.06.19
- Control Account Margin Mode (Account Margin Mode must be Hedged type).
- Loss Protection is added. If the loss is greater than the value, the EA stops trading
Version 2.1 2019.06.14
- Initializing bug is fixed

- Lot calculation method is changed
Version 2.0 2019.04.05
- Lot calculation method is changed
Version 1.1 2019.02.14
- Trade Server Errors modified