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Volli is a unique indicator that shows the price velocity, the accumulation, increase and decrease of volumes.

The indicator also utilizes OBV (On Balance Volume), which is implemented by means of applying it to the volume chart.

Support and resistance zones are built based on the unique DVZ (Dynamic Volume Zone) method.

When you purchase the product, please send a personal message to me. I will give you a manual, a book on price action and two more indicator versions (light+cluster, futures volumes).

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Version 5.22 2015.03.03
Added alert.
Version 5.21 2014.12.17
Became visually more convenient

Now you can shift zones
Version 5.0 2014.11.18
1. Became visually more convenient.
2. Considers volume % when drawing zones.
Version 4.50 2014.10.10
1) Add volume highlighting depending on the candle type
2) Fixed minor bugs
Version 4.42 2014.09.22
- Added volume increase and decrease calculation
- More flexible settings
- Fixed minor errors
Version 4.4 2014.08.05
1. A new method of plotting zones.
2. Indicates approximately the same volume considering with a backlash.
Version 4.0 2014.07.16
1. More convenient
2. Faster
3. More effective
Version 3.42 2014.06.17
1. The indicator became more convenient to use.
2. Fixed minor errors.
Version 3.3 2014.06.13
1. The Indicator's visual part is now more comfortable to use.
2. The indicator now shows the volume of futures and tick volume.
3. The indicator now shows the zones of volume accumulation.
Version 2.0 2014.04.28
- Became convenient visually.
- The highest volume is highlighted with its own color.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
Version 1.1 2014.04.24
- More convenient visually.
- Draws support and resistance levels based on the volume.
- Shows the number of buy and sell candlesticks (bars).