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Pump and Dump for MT5

 Advisor Description

Pump and Dump for MT5  is a trend advisor that uses the logic of trading in overbought and oversold areas.

Pump and Dump for MT5  is an advanced version of the PD MT4 advisor for the modern MT5 platform.

Recommended pairs: EUR USD, EUR GBP, AUD / NZD and others. Timeframe - D1.

Advisor monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/slatrade

 Advantages of the adviser:

  • does not use lagging indicators
  • the advisor is indifferent to slippage and spread
  • works on many pairs (but requires optimization before launch)

Special features

  • The built-in Risk Management mechanism, which allows initially to set the maximum allowable level of account drawdown, will be able to stop trading in time and preserve capital.
  • Control of time to stop trading. The adviser can stop trading at a predetermined time interval in case of excess risk management. For ease of control, the signal of the occurrence of the event will come directly to your mobile phone using push notifications.
  • Built-in mechanism for multiplying profit orders. The inclusion of a mechanism to increase profits occurs when the price follows the trend.
  • Instant notifications Risk Manager on the state of the account on a mobile phone using Push messages.

Trading settings

Percent_price_change - Percentage of price change at which orders will be opened.

Multiplication_Profit = true / false - the use of the profit multiplication parameter, when this parameter is enabled, orders are added only by the trend.

Two side = true / false - When this option is enabled, the opening of positions occurs upon the presence of a signal, without waiting for the closing of orders opened by the opposite signal.

First Lot - the initial lot of the order. When set to 0, the volume calculation will be based on a percentage function of the balance (Lot_Proc_from_Balance).

Lot_Proc_from_Balance - Calculation of the volume of orders depending on the balance, followed by auto-increment / -reduction. When set to 0, the volume will be calculated using the First Lot option.

Stop loss, points is the take profit value in pips.

TP_pips - take profit value in pips.

Stop loss use- if value = true, ST_pips is used, if value = false, stop loss is not used, averaging is automatically turned on.

Trailing use = true / false - enable and disable trailing stop.

Trailing Start - the number of points passed to start the trailing stop.

Trailing Distance - the number of points of indent to the current price.

Trailing Step - I recommend leaving the value 1.

Shedule - advisor’s schedule. If one of the days is disabled for trading, it means that on a given day, when a signal arrives, new transactions will not be opened, while maintenance will continue for current transactions.

News Filter - true / false use of news accounting when opening new series of deals. If false, filter is disabled. To use, add this address to the allowed URLs.

Parameters for averaging with Stop loss disabled

As we know on the market, most of the time is flat, and for such a situation, the advisor provides the opportunity to use averaging, since using this method you can get more income. To enable averaging, you need to set = false in the Stop loss Use column.

Distance - distance to open a series of orders

Step Distance - step distance of a series of orders

Plus- the number of points that is added to the level without loss of positions when closing a series of orders.

Magic number - magic number for identifying orders.

Slippage - allowable slippage in pips for opening a trade.

Risk management settings

 Maximum DrawDown - the maximum allowable drawdown, upon reaching which unprofitable positions will be closed, provided Delete Orders = True

 Pause_hours_ after_error - the number of hours to stop the work of the advisor after exceeding the maximum drawdown limit.

Delete Orders = True / false - if you turn on this parameter, if the maximum drawdown is exceeded, the advisor will delete all orders and stop trading, having previously notified you using Push notifications.

General recommendations:

 Deposit with a starting lotto of 0.01 from 1000 USD or 1000 USD Cent.

lena1962 2019.06.30 18:22 

Profitable. Sergei is a kind and thoughtful man. Can even be accessed on weekends. I heartily recommend pump and dump.

Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.05.28 16:05 

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Version 1.1 2019.06.12
Added the ability to prohibit trading before the news, added the ability to build a schedule of work-time advisor