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Ramo Bomb

Ramo Bomb is a fully automated Expert Advisor that analyzes the market trend and moves orders based on stop hunting. It contains a smart algorithm to determine the hunting levels based on the latest market trends.

It does not use martingale, hedging or any other dangerous strategies.

Ramo team: Ramin Najafi & Mohammad Hashemi

This EA is designed only for EURUSD trading, best performing on the M15 timeframe.

We are proud  to say that back test and forward testing of performance is the same,
the only differences is for slippage or broker performance.

Live low risk trade signal is dedicated for Ramo Bomb from 2019-01-01 :


The setting for this live signal is :  Here

:::::::::::::::Requirement & Recommendations::::::::::::::: 

  • Account Type : ECN

  • Currency pairs: EURUSD  ( you can make backtest on other pairs but not recommended to use)

  • Time frame : 15 Min ( M15)

  • Leverage: No limitation , 1:500 is our live signal.

  • Min. Deposit : 100$

  • VPS to maintain internet connection.

  • Low spread : less than 10 

  • Stop Level for EURUSD : Less than 20 

  • Important News :It's highly recommended for EBC, NFP,Fed Funds rate delete the EA's orders 

  • 100% backtest Quality :Use RAMOBOMB in MT5 : HERE

:::::::::::::::Parameters & Set Files:::::::::::::::

      ======General Parameters======

  • Magic Number : Identifying orders to manage different EA without any conflict ( default 100)
  • Risk Percent: Risk percent (0-100 ), calculate the lot size based on account free margin and Stoploss ( default number is 35  ), LotSize = (Account free margin *(RiskPercent/100))/(MyStopLoss * PipValue)
  • My stop loss: Stop loss in pips (50 pips by default)
  • My Takeprofit: Take profit in pips

       ======    Auto Lot Size   ======

  • Autolot (True/False) : select true means that EA should calculate based on account size : Lotsize = (( Free account equity) *(Risk Percent/100))/(Margin required for 1 lot)
  • Fixlot: first change autolot to false then set the lot size any time based on your risk manually.

         Note: when you choose fixlot parameter the lot size is not change until you change it.

     ======Trailing Parameters======

  • Trailing ( True/ False) : As default trailing stop is active with below setting , if you choose False EA works only with MyStoploss and MyTakeProfit parameters 
  • Change_Stop_level: Decision level for stop trailing ( 5 pips in profit by default)
  • Change_Stop_profit: Stop changing based on change stop level ( 2 pips in profit by default)
  • follow Profit : the parameter sets for stop trailing follow pip methods ( default 1 Pips)


  • NNStrategy (True/False): Added strategy 
  • StopLossNN: If NNstrategy is true you can set different stoploss from the other orders ( default 35 pips)

     ======Set GMT offset ======

      GMT_offSet : Set Difference GMT server Offset. Most of Broker and ALPARI is GMT +2

      NOTE: during backtest it's not possible to change GMT offsets so maybe your broker has DST in some part of year in live, but in back test you are not able to manage it. 

     ======Recommended Set files======
  • Using set files for broker with lower spread (less than 7 points) as mentioned below :
  • Low Risk and  Autolot with spread less than 7 points without NNstrategy: Here
  • Low Risk same and Autolot with spread around 7 Pointssame as our signal without NNstrategy : Here
  • Fixlot with 0.01 lot as default without NNstrategy: Here

What is NN-Strategy ? 

    Based on artificial intelligence solution, we already provide new smart optimization on Ramo Bomb .

Please note that NNstrategy increase your risk of stop loss but in long term you may have more profit. So it's recommended for high risk takers.

This strategy is recommended for high risk taker trading account.

How can you add this strategy ?

       In setting panel there is an option for NNStrategy make it true and set the StopLossNN based on your expectation. 

******Recommendation for StopLossNN : 35 pips as default. if you can add your risk our suggestion is increase this parameter to 50 pips

Useful Links & articles: 

Morteza Esmkhani
Morteza Esmkhani 2019.06.23 10:43 

I used this strategy about 4 months, and I am very satisfied. I can suggest you to use it.

Ramo Bomb is very good because of the following reasons:

1- It supports with long-term testing

2-Growing of the account is an excellent.

3-A unique technique is used in EA, i.e., stop trailing and price monitoring, comparing with many of the strategies that TP has fixed, and this constant TP is sometimes touched, and sometimes because of a few points differences not touch and all the profit will gone.

4-About 30 to 40 percent of the stops in major market news such as interest rates in Europe and US, and the rate of employment in US, you will be better trade off then by eliminating the high impact of news affects, we have better performance in real account. For example, on 6/6/2019, which was the ECB President's conference, I closed order before the conference and I crossed out a definitive stop and kept my account.

5- Developer team are available most of the time with less than half an hours to help and answer the questions.

My account balance is now 4 digits and I believe in 6 digits of the account for the next 9 months. Because in 2018 and 2017 back tests and the 2019 forward test, the 6-month 2019 performance is better than 2017 and, with 2017 figures, I will be 6-digitized.

The general nature of the market is not supposed to be change, which can make a huge difference in performance. Let's assume that the nature of the market will change in the future. Until then, due to the excellent performance of this EA, I got to my ideal money.

rnhlm 2019.06.13 08:53 

High risk and too high rental cost

RedBull 2019.06.06 16:11 

small profit and big loss

djeidy 2019.06.06 00:55 

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Myung Cheol Yang
Myung Cheol Yang 2019.05.08 02:25 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Fiollet 2019.05.04 11:37 

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Oleg Mikhailov
Oleg Mikhailov 2019.04.24 14:22 

Хороший советник, четко выбирает точки входа, легко настраивается.

Andy Wang
Andy Wang 2019.04.23 02:06 

I rented the EA for demo testing for one month. All trades come out with positive results, even though there are not much trades. Now I buy it for further testing.

RON7N 2019.04.04 20:45 

Thank you Mohammad for the amazing Ramo Bomb and for your dedicated support. I highly recommend to everyone. Results will speak for themselves.

Jan Tarnogrocki
Jan Tarnogrocki 2019.04.02 14:13 

I am testing this EA now for one month on a live account with micro lots. I had 4 trades. Three were winners and one small loser.

The EA is not bad but there are two reasons why I am not going to buy it (yet):

- The stop loss is too big. 500 points in EURUSD with 1 lot makes you lose 500 USD. So you cannot increase the lot size without taking a big risk.

- There are too few trades. I had 4 in one month.

The author is doing a good job service wise and probably also invested a lot of work to develop the EA. I would wish that the EA will be improved to trade more frequently and will stay profitable with reduced stop loss distance and then I would be willing to pay the asked price for it.

I have two month of testing left and will update if there is something new.

Andrey Brykov
Andrey Brykov 2019.03.18 10:59 

Хороший советник , отбил все аренды . Торгую на Альпари ECN. Сделки редкие но очень точные!!!

Matvey Denisov
Matvey Denisov 2019.03.13 14:48   

За две недели использования данного советника 1 сделка с минусом 20% к депозиту. Ничего хорошего пока в нем не вижу. Прибыльные ордеры все отменял в самый ответственный момент. Зато минусанул мне счет прилично. -5 звезд ему.

Yui Ger
Yui Ger 2019.03.12 14:03 


Mohammad contacted and asked me to change my rating for the reason that he has reduced the price. It´s a nice gesture - but the price is still way too high. I don´t think it is kind to put pressure on the customers with "one month only discounts".

Furthermore he is coming from Iran where the annual salary is about 5k USD...

As I already mentioned - search other break out systems because there are plenty on the market that perform better with lower price. I would accept a price of 150-200USD - not more.


Some weeks have gone and I think it is a good ea. Nevertheless the price increase is absolute madness. I have better break out EA´s with news filters that costed not half the price and are performing more frequently with better robustness tests (did a small Montecarlo with it) I will finish my work with this ea as soon as the rent expires.

Anyway, the product isn´t bad. It´s just like buying a Fiat for a Porsche price.

Taton75012 2019.03.10 16:26 

Ramo bomb is an incredible EA's which provide with awesome results. Despite the few orders placed by the EA, they are 99% correct and provide with very good profit. Furthermore, I can tell that Mohammed and his team are fully available and provide such good advice and respond quickly to the queries raised. Highly recommend it.

Gregory Mytron
Gregory Mytron 2019.03.09 15:58 

I agree with previous poster. Big raise in rental and price without forewarning. Not a good way to do business.

Update April 2nd:

Have had it rented for 5 weeks now and 3 trades for 3 winners without NN turned on. So will up the review to 2 stars from 1 for the trades although sparse and for so far keeping the rental and cost at a decent price for people to test it demo or live.

Personally it would take a while to get to trust this ea only because of the unknown logic behind how it decides which trades to take and which to reject. I know the seller is being pressured to have more trades taken but that would likely lead to more losses overall so is kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Seems to be taking less trades in 2019 compared to 2018 backtest. The market has clearly changed.

Get High
Get High 2019.03.07 18:41 

Tested it with 99,9% quality, variable spread and high slippage, still makes profit. So far so good. I will update 1 month later for live account statements ( 100$ initial dep. as sugerated in the overview + default settings).

Juan Perez Pereira
Juan Perez Pereira 2019.03.07 17:41 

My account was 11K, risk 5, and in a single trade 1.5k loss. In the backtest the EA did not behave the same, it does not reflect any trade or loss. Unsetting EA.

Stefan Holzner
Stefan Holzner 2019.02.23 03:09 

So far a good EA, Developer always responds fast and always ready to help you and keeps working to improve the EA! Only function missing is a news filter that the EA deletes the orders automatically at high impact news. About results it is too early to say something, success rate looks to be high but 1 SL will kill 1 or more months of profit

Juergen Loebach
Juergen Loebach 2019.02.20 19:16 

Service and product are first class.Since early February, all trades ended in profit.

Michael Williams
Michael Williams 2019.01.25 07:37 

I have received great support from the author. He is quick to respond; he reached out to me to make sure I have setup the EA correctly, confirming my trades with his signal. The EA has a very dependable strategy, and it back-tests well. It’s a great EA for diversifying your portfolio! I just started running the EA on a demo account, and so far so good! First trade was profitable and confirmed to be correct by the author! You do need to run it on a broker that is gmt 0 to line up with Ramo Bomb’s signal. I’m excited for the future with this EA! Also, huge thanks to author and his support team!

pymax 2019.01.13 13:49 

5 звезд автору за оперативность и отзывчивость, а робота арендовал на 3 месяца, пока все радует

famepalashscm 2019.01.13 11:53 

Good ea. Till now 3-4 trades within 2 week, all profitable. Author very responsive.

Sean Moghimi
Sean Moghimi 2019.01.10 01:53 

EA's shows great results in 99.9% Backtest and on live account so far in 2 weeks got good results. Improvements could be made to risk management. Thanks author and good work.

vladimir250273 2018.12.26 16:02 

Автор очень отзывчивый и мгновенно отреагировал на моё письмо! Я арендовал советника на один месяц, далее буду смотреть как он себя ведёт. На данный момент ставлю 5 звёзд за отзывчивость автора!

Сегодня 06 июня 2019 год, слил 50 % депозита. Пять месяцев работал нормально без сливов, а вот сегодня советник подкачал и попал на "стоп лосс" и половины депо не стало!

Version 5.6 2019.06.17
new version

-Strategy optimized
-Reduce default setting Risk
Version 5.5 2019.06.06
new version,

- Bug Fixed
-Only for EURUSD M15, but open for other currencies & time frames just for test ,NOT RECOMMENDED !!!
Version 5.4 2019.06.06
new version,

- Bug Fixed
-Only for EURUSD M15, but open for other currencies & time frames just for test ,NOT RECOMMENDED !!!
Version 5.3 2019.04.13
-Daily chart bugs fixed
-possibility to test other currencies ( not recommended)
Version 5.1 2019.03.14
-Update conditions and improve trade numbers.
-Deleted orders log is added (if executed trade is different with our live signal please send screenshot of comments)
Version 5.0 2019.02.24
-Added Gmt setting
- Added Trailing Setting
Version 4.2 2019.02.19
-Improved algorithm and conditions for more accurate entry into the market.
Version 4.1 2019.02.16
-NNstrategy mode : false as a default
For using NN strategy change mode from false to true

-Fix bug for info panel
Version 4.0 2019.02.14
-Additional strategy (NN strategy) and related stop loss combined with current strategy
-Added "NNStrategy" parameter in EA menu
Version 3.3 2019.02.05
fixlot was added
Version 3.2 2019.02.04
new version
Version 3.1 2019.01.27
Change risk management formula based on account margin and leverage
Added change stop trailing option same as MT5 product
Version 3.0 2019.01.27
Change risk management formula based on account margin and leverage
Added change stop trailing option same as MT5 product
Version 2.0 2019.01.15
new version
Version 1.8 2019.01.12
NEW version
Version 1.7 2019.01.12
MagicNumber was added
Version 1.6 2019.01.09
leverage management was added
Version 1.5 2018.12.27
new version
Version 1.4 2018.12.25
new version
Version 1.2 2018.12.25
new version