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Stable Profit MT4

Stable Profit MT4 is an Expert Advisor based on special grid strategy that developed by author. The EA is optimized and don't need any professional information or Forex Trading Knowledge. Using EA is very simple.

The EA works with low margin level and thus has low risk.

Trading Strategy :
Stable profit trades on AUDCAD symbol using special and unique strategy developed by author. The EA don't use any indicator and thus trading is successful in all market conditions.
This is the result of 4 years developing and optimizing algorithm.
It is simple to earn money on Forex. Just run this EA and wait.

Using EA :

The EA is very simple and without complicated input parameters. All needed optimizations already done and results is embedded to EA.

Only Hedge Accounts Supported.

These are main parameters must be set :

  •     Approximate Profit :
                        Select your desired monthly profit. Increasing profit may increase drawdown. selecting profit 1~5% monthly is safe.

                        These are options you can select :
                                     1% Monthly (13% Yearly)    - extra safe
                                     2% Monthly (27% Yearly)    - extra safe
                                     3% Monthly (43% Yearly)    - safe
                                     4% Monthly (60% Yearly)    - safe
                                     5% Monthly (80% Yearly)    - normal
                                     6% Monthly (101% Yearly)  - aggressive
                                     7% Monthly (125% Yearly)  - very aggressive
                                     8% Monthly (152% Yearly)  - risky

                        Above options are roughly and for your sense of EA performance. There are not peremptory.

  •     Account Position number is Limited ?            

                         if your account maximum number of positions less than 50, select YES, otherwise NO.

  •     Close All Positions and Stop Trading

                        If you want to stop trading with EA, set this option to YES and wait for closing all positions. In this case EA does not insert any new position.

  •     Notify Each Trade on My Phone :

                         If Selected YES, any position closing and opening will be send to your phone as notification.

Testing EA :

Testing EA is so simple. Select your desired parameters and start testing. There are no need to time consuming optimizing operations. All optimizations already done and embedded in EA.

Recommendations and Using Conditions :

  •     EA Only work on Hedge Accounts (netting is not supported)
  •     Attach EA to AUDCAD symbol chart. The EA can work with other symbols but the results is not guaranteed.
  •     Any Time Frame can be used.
  •     It is strongly recommended that use cent accounts if your deposit is low. (for 1%Monthly : min 2000$ Cent Account, for 4%Monthly : min 500$ Cent Account, for 8%Monthly : min 150$ Cent Account, ... )

Shortcut Group is ready to help you about using the EA, Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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