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The "Turbulent" system operates on a defined grid, which has already been defined by the user for the system.

The first trade is done at a distance specified by the user in the "base_step".

When each trading position is opened, two pending orders open in the opposite direction at the place specified by the user. If the transaction moves in the wrong direction, these deals will be opened. This function will continue until the transaction reaches the profit or stop loss specified by the user.

When the total profit of all trades has reached the specified profit, all trades will be closed.


  • Please use accounts with hedging.


  • Trade only with VPS.
  • We also recommend to use ECN accounts.
  • The best leverage is 1:500.
Please test the EA in the Strategy Tester and optimize input parameters Specially execution delay of MetaTrader on your VPS before using the EA on a real account.

Inputs parameters

  • Automatic_lot_calculate: If set to true, the program calculates the transaction amount based on its base deposit.
  • Base_Deposit: Base Deposit (>=0).
  • M_T_D: For each M_T_D more than the base deposit, 0.01 is added to the amount of transaction input (>=0).
  • Lots: if Automatic lot is set to false, the EA uses this input (>0.01).
  • deviation: Maximal deviation from the current price in each position or order (in points, >=0).
  • base_step: Distance between the first order and the current price (>spread).
  • commission: Commission per transaction (>=0).
  • each_step: distance of orders (>spread).
  • tpc: After this number of positions, the expected profit of each transaction is minimized (>0).
  • Profit: Profit of each position according to the number of positions (>0).
  • Stoploss_Ratio: Stop loss is set as the ratio of the account balance specified here. The number is between 0 and 1. If it is greater than one, then it is equal to one and if it is smaller than 0, then it is 0.
  • R_M_M_P: Distance until max and min. In this range, the expected profit of each transaction is minimized.
  • MAGIC: ID of an Expert Advisor that has placed the order (designed to ensure that each Expert Advisor places its own unique number).
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