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Speed Of Price EA

Speed of Price EA is a professional Expert Advisor based on a custom indicator of the same name. The robot is powered by additional filters based on indicators. This combination allows obtaining stable results for a long time period.

The EA reliability does not depend on a spread and broker account type. Besides, it is not bound to a timeframe rigidly. This is a multi-currency and multi-timeframe EA. The number of open orders, for which you can adjust the drawdown relative to your funds, is limited.

Optimization for your deposit on selected instrument is required.


  • Distance Pending Orders - distance to place a pending order
  • Start Lot
  • Number of the first order in the series
  • Number of the last order in the series
  • Slippage
  • Breakeven level (0 - disabled)
  • Breakeven points - breakeven points
  • Trailing stop (0 - disabled)
  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit
  • Magic Number
  • Use first type of close position
  • Use second type of close position
  • Use first type of open position
  • Use second type of open position
  • Main coefficient of Speed Of Price
  • First secret parameters of Speed Of Price EA strategy
  • Second secret parameters of Speed Of Price EA strategy
  • Third secret parameters of Speed Of Price EA strategy
  • Fourth secret parameters of Speed Of Price EA strategy
  • MA Period - Moving Average period
  • MA Apply To
  • MA Type - Moving Average line type
  • BB Period - Bollinger Bands period
  • BB Deviation – Bollinger Bands deviation
  • BB Apply To
  • Use Stochastic
  • K-Line Period
  • D-Line Period
  • Deceleration of Stochastic Oscillator
  • Stochastic Apply To
  • Stochastic Type
  • Stochastic Line
  • Stochastic UP Level
  • Stochastic DOWN Level
  • Use MACD
  • MACD FEMA Period
  • MACD SEMA Period
  • MACD SMA Period
  • MACD Apply To
  • Use DeMarker
  • DeMarker Period
  • DeMarker UP Level
  • DeMarker DOWN Level
  • Use RSI
  • RSI Period
  • RSI Apply To
  • RSI UP Level
  • RSI DOWN Level
  • Use WPR
  • WPR Period
  • WPR UP Level
  • WPR DOWN Level
  • Use CCI
  • CCI Period
  • CCI Apply To
  • CCI UP Level
  • CCI DOWN Level
  • Use Experimental Strategy (added upon buyer's request)
  • Long MA Period
  • Average MA Period
  • Short MA Period
  • Long MA Apply To
  • Average MA Apply To
  • Short MA Apply To
  • Long MA Type
  • Average MA Type
  • Short MA Type
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Version 2.0 2017.11.24
Revised the lot modification function upon buyers' requests.

Also, added ability to work with BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP orders upon a buyer's request.

Increased the number of used filters from standard indicators.

Four secret strategy parameters allowing to set a drawdown and profitability more flexibly and achieve their ratio of 1:10 are now available for editing.