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PRO Download news file

The script allows you to download the most complete information about news releases starting from 2007. The news data are saved in text files, with detailed information about the news in CalendarFull.txt, and with the brief news information in Calendar.txt.

The news data are downloaded from Forexfactory.com.

To download the news it is necessary to run the script on any chart of any currency.

CalendarFull.txt or Calendar.txt can be later applied in Expert Advisors that use the news in their strategies, for testing or optimization.

The download process will be displayed on the chart.


  • Start_Year = 2007 - from what year you want to download news
  • End_Year = 2017 - till what year inclusive
  • GMT_News = 0 - GMT offset of news time
  • Delimiter_choice - data separator in the file ( ; ) or ( , )
  • Use_External_Files_Htm = true - Use .htm files downloaded using FF_htm. This option should be used if an error occurs while downloading pages from the site. The FF_htm script can be downloaded here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/703340

The files are saved to \MQL4\files\CalendarFull.txt, \MQL4\files\Calendar.txt

The are also copied to the common folder of all terminals, e.g. C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\Common (для тестера стратегий)

It is necessary to add the link https://www.forexfactory.com in the terminal settings. An example is shown in the figure.

The CalendarFull.txt file contains the following data

  1. News date and time
  2. Currency
  3. News importance (H -high, M -medium, L -low, N -non economic)
  4. News description
  5. Actual value
  6. Predicted value
  7. Previous value
  8. Revised value
  9. The result of influence (W -worse, B -better)
  10. The "all day" indication (A -all day)


2007.01.03 00:00;USD;L;Total Vehicle Sales;16.7M;16.5M;16.1M;;B;A

2007.01.03 08:00;EUR;L;Spanish Unemployment Change;-0.3K;;30.3K;;;

2007.01.03 08:30;CHF;M;Manufacturing PMI;65.0;66.0;67.0;;W;

2007.01.03 08:55;EUR;M;German Unemployment Change;-96K;-110K;-90K;;W;

2007.01.03 09:30;GBP;L;Construction PMI;57.5;54.5;54.8;;B;

The Calendar.txt file contains the following data

  1. News date and time
  2. Currency
  3. News importance(H-high, M-medium, L-low, N-non economic)
  4. News description


2007.01.01 00:00;NZD;N;Bank Holiday

2007.01.01 01:00;CNY;H;Manufacturing PMI

2007.01.01 22:30;AUD;L;AIG Manufacturing Index

2007.01.02 00:00;CNY;N;Bank Holiday

2007.01.02 00:00;JPY;N;Bank Holiday

2007.01.02 00:00;CHF;N;Bank Holiday

*This is the news history with GMT 0, it can serve as an example for determining the correctness of the GMT of your file.

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