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Taking into account the CCI+RSI+MA+Factor of efficiency, the result is a crossing with a high rate of probability.

Each crossing could be taken as the "Delta" based on the above-mentioned factors.


  • CCI Period
  • RSI Period
  • MA Period
  • Coefficient
  • Arrows & Push/Notifications


Miguel Angel Vico Alba

Founder/CEO en Pathfinder Systems.

Research and development of algorithmic trading systems for MetaQuotes Language (MQL). Management of private stock portfolios. MQL5.com Forum Moderator. In markets since 2008.

rainwalker123 2017.10.03 13:46 

Very good indicator, but should also have a Push/Email notification added.

Version 11.0 2019.08.13
Code review.
Version 10.90 2017.05.23
Updated and tested in MetaTrader 4 Version: 4.00 Build 1090 (19 May 2017).
Fixed a problem of refresh.