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Trailing All Position

Trailing stop orders will work on all currency pairs
How to use:
attach EA on one pair, then all transactions in MT4 will be managed by the robot so that the trailing stop when it starts making a profit


  1. Allpositions = to handle the transaction, if true then all transactions even if a different pair will have a trailing when the conditions have been achieved, if false then only in pairs Pair EA
  2. ProfitTrailing = when True will run when the trailing Deal Seeking Profit, if false, it will run even if trailing the unconditioned loss
  3. TrailingStop = This is the minimum measuring distance Point so Trailing stop being active, so let's say in the content 150 when the new SL 150 points then placing it in position in order open price
  4. TrailingStep = condition where the minimum distance will be updated
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