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Starry Sky EA MT5

Starry Sky EA MT5 - is an automatic EA designed for forex trading. Trade is conducted in a quiet night market. For work is suitable as a floating and fixed spread, four and five-digit quotes. The main timeframe is M5. Can be used on any currency pairs. The best test results were shown on GBPUSD, AUDUSD, GBPCHF, USDJPY, USDCHF.

Advantages EA

  • Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  • Not sensitive to the speed of execution.
  • Has a built-in filter of the maximum allowable spread to enter the market.
  • If necessary, it is easy to optimize at the opening prices of bars.

EA options

  • Magic - magic number;
  • StopLossPoint - stop loss in points, for quotations 4 symbols divided by 10;
  • TakeProfitPoint - take profit in points, for quotations 4 symbols divided by 10;
  • Lots - lot if LotsPercent = false;
  • LotsPercent - if true auto lot is enabled. Depending on the size of the deposit and the value of the Percent parameter;
  • Percent - percentage for LotsPercent;
  • Period1 - the period of indicator 1;
  • Period2 - the period of indicator 2;
  • Period3 - the period of indicator 3;
  • UseTimeLimit - if true the time limit is used;
  • StartTradeHour - hours of the beginning of work of the EA;
  • StartTradeMinute - the minutes of the beginning of the EA;
  • EndTradeHour - hours of the end of the EA work;
  • EndTradeMinute - minutes of the end of the EA;
  • MaxOrdersOne - the maximum number of orders of one direction;
  • MaxOrdersAll - the maximum number of orders in both directions;
  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowed spread for the entry;
  • Slippage - slippage.
The EA uses signals only when opening a new bar for the previous bar, that is, it is possible to configure and optimize in the "1 minute OHLC" and "Open price only" modes.

Set files can be downloaded in the "Discussion".

How to set up an EA on a currency pair

Test the EA with the initial parameters Period1 = 4, Period2 = 4, Period3 = 2. Further, when testing, increase each parameter by 2. If you get the worst result with the predecessor, choose the best result. You may need to adjust the value of Stop Loss for better results.


Be attentive to the settings of the trading time, risk control and load on the deposit. During testing and tuning, the time was used in the trading platform MetaTrader 5 - Eastern European (EET).

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Version 1.1 2018.11.11
New parameters Up and Dw, from 0 to 100. Up = 20, Dw = 80.
Improved algorithm of work.