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Forex Aurum STC Scalper

Forex Aurum STC Scalper is using the STC (stochastic) indicator as a main strategy and martingale recovering strategy for the lost ones. It is simple to use and is recommended for $EURUSD. It gives a very good result (short and long term back tests) on a low spread broker (1 Minute time frame used)

Risks and recommendation

Since the EA uses Martingale, losses are recovered but very big losses may occur. We recommend trying it first on a demo account to recognize and understand the parameters first. Also, trade only the capital you are prepared to lose.


  • MAGICMA - Magic Number to identify orders opened by the Expert Adviser.
  • Trading Session - Select your preferred trading session values [ALL, LONDON, NEW YORK, TOKYO, SYDNEY].
  • Lost Size - 0.01 by default (NB since we use Martingale it's not recommended to increase).
  • Recovering Lot - Lot used when the profit of the last trade is negative (0 means Automatic Recovery Size Calculation).
  • Fixed Lot - select false to increase the lot size automatically depending on the Money Increasing Step.
  • Money Increasing Step - if fixed lot parameter is false the EA will increase the size depending on Free Account Margin, the primary Lot Size and this Parameter, for example:

Free Account Margin = 10000

lot Size = 0.01

Fixed Lot = false

Money Increasing Step = 1000

The size of the Order will be 0.01 * 10000 / 1000 so the EA will open 0.1 lots.

  • Balance Risk (%) - the percentage of the balance to risk (100% if you have a small account).
  • Update Balance Risk - Making the risk sliding with account balance.
  • Take Profit (Points) - Take profit in points.
  • Trailing Stop (Points) - Trailing stop in points, if you don't want trailing stop make it 0.
  • Stop Loss (Points) - Stop loss in points.
  • Stochastic High Rate (%) - 80% by default.
  • Stochastic Low Rate (%) - 20% by default.
  • Stochastic Time Period - current by default.
  • Trend Time Period - H4 by default.
  • Slippage - Max Slippage.
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Version 4.0 2017.10.31
New GUI When Launching the EA, Parameter Change, Risk Management
Version 3.0 2017.02.21
No need to setup parameters:
- 0.01 lots since we are using martingale it's safer
- 25 pips as take profit
- 20 pips as stop loss

This EA is more efficient on ECN brokers, minimum equity is 1000$