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Grid Cherry

Grid Cherry - net scalper, automatic trading robot. The Expert Advisor uses averaging for the exit trades system, with secure martingale settings. An adaptive transaction support algorithm is used.

The robot uses virtual floating Take Profit, Stop Loss

    Adjusted for a pair of EURUSD, 5-digit quotes. Timeframe does not matter.
    Use 0.01 lots for every 500-1000 units of currency. If the account is less than $ 500, use a cent account.
    Before using on a real account, test the adviser with minimal risk;
    Use a VPS or server with minimal network latency to the broker server;


Lot calculation

  •     ModeLots - lot calculation type:
  •         ManualLot - the lot is set manually;
  •         PercentDeposit - recalculation of the trading lot, based on the PercentDeposit parameter.
  •     LotSize - fixed lot size set manually;
  •     PercentDeposit - a percentage of the deposit for calculating the lot size.


  •     MaxOrder - the maximum number of orders in one direction;
  •     BetterPricePips - after how many points to look for the best price;
  •     LotMultiplier - lot increase;
  •     DynamicTakeProfit - dynamic take profit (controlled by software);
  •     DynamicStopLoss - dynamic stop loss (controlled programmatically).
  •     kofART - coefficient for calculating stops;
  •     TimeFrameATR - ATR indicator timeframe;
  •     PeriodATR - period of the ATR indicator;
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