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Trade Pin Bar

The Expert Advisor is based on Wyckoff method and VSA volume analysis. The robot analyzes the price movement, its volume, the current bar in comparison to the previous ones (bar modification can be changed), as well as candle movement speed before entering a trade.


Trading - trading time

  • start time of 1st interval - 1 st interval start time
  • end time of 1st interval - 1 st interval end time
  • the start time for 2nd interval - 2 nd interval start time
  • the end time of the 2nd interval - 2 nd interval end time

Settings - EA settings

  • remove after 1 bar – if a trade is not closed after 1 bar, the EA stops working and the trade is closed
  • lot size in percent - lot size in % of the deposit.
  • the percentage for TP - fixed profit % of a tested candle
  • the percentage for SL - stop loss % of a tested candle
  • check the comparison of volumes with the neighbouring candle
  • min. level of volume signal candle - minimum level of a signal candle volume
  • type volume - volume type
  • number of candles volume - number of candles, on which a volume is tested
  • The level of the trailing stop
  • The step of the trailing stop

Settings candles - candle settings

  • number of candles to check
  • percentage of the candle to check the previous candle
  • min candle size HL in PP - minimum candle size from High to Low in points
  • the maximum size А in % of HL - maximum size А in % from High to Low
  • the maximum size B in % of HL - maximum size В in % from High to Low
  • the minimum size of C in % of HL - minimum size C in % from High to Low
  • slippage from the current price
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