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The Expert Advisor is based on Surfing strategy. The robot uses MARTINGALE. Unlike the MarSe EA, the robot features the protective logic (when opening a specified number of orders in a "num" direction, the EA starts trading in the opposite direction with a larger lot). The EA uses the reverse MARTINGALE as a protective measure. The EA catches the moments when the previous candle crosses the moving average indicator and eliminates the false breakouts using the RSI+MA indicator, and at the same time analyzes the trend direction. The EA trades pending orders, which also allows avoiding false movements. If a pending order is not triggered and the chart reverses, the MARTINGALE is enabled. Since the MARTINGALE is a risky tool able to destroy your deposit sooner or later, you are advised to control the trading of the EA by analyzing the market. The EA also implements money management based on the Larry Williams method (LarryWilliamsMethod). 

The EA trades on any symbol. The minimum recommended deposit is $1000 (a cent account is recommended). The EA works on M1 timeframe. Due to the fact that the EA performs the analysis on closed bars, the testing results by Open prices are the same as the testing by all ticks.



  • Period_MA1 - moving average period
  • Lots - order lot
  • max_Lots - maximum acceptable order lot
  • StopStep - distance (in points) from the previous bar's High (Low) where a pending order is opened
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points
  • Multiplier Martingale multiplier for the next order
  • Step - step in points (number of points, after which the next Martingale order is placed)
  • Shift_MA - moving average shift designed for defining a trend, i.e. number of bars used for trend analysis 
  • MA_Method - method for moving average1 and moving average2 indicators (0 - Simple or 1 - Exponential are recommended) 
  • TF_MA, TF_MA1, TF_MA2 - timeframes used to analyze a trend
  • Period_MA_Long - MA period used for trend detection 
  • Slippage - slippage in points
  • Magic - magic number (when trading different currency pairs on one account, this parameter should be changed, i.e. unique for each currency pair)
  • StartHour1 - trading start time
  • EndHour1 - trading stop time
  • num - number of orders in the same direction, after which the protective logic is enabled
  • RSIPeriod - RSI period 
  • MA - moving average period for RSI 
  • LarryWilliamsMethod - use Larry Williams money management method (false/true)
  • LWrisk - risk percentage, recommended 5-20%
  • LWpart - part of the deposit in percentage to be used by the EA

Values with points are set for 4 digits. If you have 5 digits, the EA automatically converts all the values.

Aravind 2019.04.12 04:42 

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Thomas Kjelvik
Thomas Kjelvik 2017.03.30 08:19 

ok, but drawdown to big

monk 2017.03.16 19:14 

this is a very good ea, sofar it has good results on demo and real

Kseniya Gergert
Kseniya Gergert 2017.02.27 18:40 

Вроде норм, по крайней мере на истории показывает хороший результат, как будет на реале посмотрим

Version 1.2 2017.04.20
Fixed a bug with chaotic opening of transactions after restarting the terminal. Also, improved the logic.
Version 1.1 2017.03.14
Fixed errors with take-profit and the opening of protective orders.