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Volumetric Improved Internal Bar

Volumetric Improved Internal Bar - this indicator uses tick volumes + an element of the price pattern - improved internal bar. Signals appear when two bars are going up or down, and the body of the second bar closes in the shadow of the 1st bar, and the 3 bar is above (if the previous bars are directed downward) or below (if the previous bars are directed upwards) the second bar depending on the direction. Signals are also confirmed by tick volumes. Indicator signals are displayed in the chart window as asterisks above and below bars. It also has an alert function. The indicator has flexible settings and can be adjusted to your needs.

How to Use

  • Buy when a green asterisk appears.
  • Sell when a red asterisk appears.

Note: Signals appear on the zero bar and are not repainted

Trading tips

  • Recommended pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
  • Recommended timeframe: H4

Input Parameters

  • Point_1 – minimal height of the last trend bar
  • Point_2 – minimal height of the intermediate bar
  • Point_3 – minimal height of the reversal bar
  • Level_Volume_1 – minimal volume of the last trend bar
  • Level_Volume_2 – minimal volume of the intermediate bar
  • Level_Volume_3 – minimal volume of the reversal bar
  • Avulsion – separation of the intermediate bar
  • Capture – capture of the intermediate bar
  • ClearAllObjects – delete objects from the chart
  • Counted_bars – select the number if bars to display the appropriate number of signals
  • Indent – indent of arrows
  • SoundFile – sound alert file
  • UseSound – enable/disable alerts
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