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Future Scalper MT5

Future Scalper MT5 robot is fully automated scalper. No need for additional skills of trading to use this robot, so everyone will know how to use this robot, because robot already has settings for trading, also robot has clear input menu. This robot is based on Bollinger bands and Envelopes indicators. Robot trades at night when market is more flat. In this way, there is less risk to get trade during big movements. The robot doesn't use any risky strategy elements for trading, so your deposit is protected from big losses.


  • All trades are protected with logic stop loss, every stop loss level is created by market condition, often it will be about 10-20 pips
  • No grid
  • No martingale or martingale elements
  • There are no risky strategy elements

Testing in history

Testing in history with Future scalper MT5 robot showed well results on GBPUSD M5, USDCHF M5, USDCAD M5, EURUSD M5


  • It is recommended to start trading from low risk . This robot can be used on multiple charts on the same terminal, just don't forget to change magic number for each chart and set lower lot for each chart.
  • It is recommended to use broker account with lower spread.
  • It is recommended to use VPS for trading.


Robot already has optimized settings for trading, so just attach robot on the chart and nothing more to do.


Karolis Vaicekauskas - Forex trader and Forex automated systems developer for more than 5 years.

If you have some questions about this product, feel free and contact me, I will reply as soon as possible.

Expert Advisor parameters

  • Lot: fixed lot
  • Start time: it's start hour of the day when robot will have permission to start trading. Robot was created by GMT+2 time, this working hour is very important, so please adjust your broker time by GMT+2.
  • End time: it's end hour of the day when robot won't have permission anymore to trade that day. Robot was created by GMT+2 time, this working hour is very important, so please adjust your broker time by GMT+2.
  • Slippage: permissible slippage for opening an order
  • Comment of order: Comment of order
  • Magic number: unique number for each chart
pinoceronte 2016.11.22 14:03 

this is the best EA I have found in recent years, fantastic ...