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Bollinger Band with Trend filter

This is a regular version of Bollinger Band with trend filter applied to the inside of the Bollinger Band. This indicator can be attached to any timeframe chart.

If click on Bollinger on button, it will automatically add a Bollinger Band to the chart and color the trends inside the Bollinger Band. When trend is up, the inside color of the Bollinger Band turns green, when trend is down, the inside color of the Bollinger Band turns red.


  • Multiplier: 3.0 (Bollinger Band setting, default is 3.0)
  • Bolinger Band averaging period: 20 (default is 20, my best setting for H1 chart)
  • Bolinger Band deviation: 2.0 (default is 2)
  • Bolinger Band shift: 0 (default is 0, you can change to 1 or whatever number you like to shift)
  • Bolinger Band applied price: Close price (you can choose to Open, High, Low, Median or weighted price)
  • using BB email: true (turn this feature on if you want to trigger an email when Bollinger Band signal changes)
  • Email Alert: true (to use email feature, you should turn it to true, if you choose false, it will not send you any email alert)

The advanced version of this indicator is called Bollinger Trend PRO. It includes another built-in indicator called The Trend is Your Friend.

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