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The default parameters of the Expert are set for trading the EUR/USD pair, the settings should be adjusted for other instruments.

Changing the settings and total optimization of all parameters of the EA allows to obtain the optimal result when trading at different brokers.

The trading algorithm eliminates large drawdowns. The EA manages the traded lot according to the specified risk percentage based on the deposit.

Wide range of settings allows to configure the robot for trading most of the main strategies, if necessary.


  • Use_LOGO - Use the logo on the chart (Slows testing)
  • Use_Time - use trading by time (0-24)
  • StartTrade - time to start trading (in hours, server time);
  • EndTrade - time to end trading (in hours, server time);
  • StartTradeMonday - time to start trading on Monday (in hours, server time);
  • EndTradeFriday - time to end trading on Friday (in hours, server time);
  • Use_Bar - enable market entry filter based on candles
  • Use_Shadow - range of the market entry filter based on candles
  • Bar_TF - chart timeframe of the market entry filter based on candles
  • cBar - period of the market entry filter based on candles
  • Use_Ma - enable filter based on moving average
  • MA_Period - period of the filter based on moving average
  • MA_TF - chart timeframe of the filter based on moving average
  • UseATR - enable market entry filter based on ATR
  • ATR_Coef - adjustment of the filter based on ATR
  • ATR_MAX - maximum allowed value of the ATR filter value
  • Signal - market entry signal
  • Signal_Period - period of the market entry signal
  • WEB_Factor - value of the main entry signal
  • Use_All_Signal - enable intense trading mode
  • Use_LastDist - enable the minimum distance for opening orders in the same direction
  • Dist - the maximum allowed distance between the opened orders
  • Dist_coef - coefficient of distance increase between opened orders; if set to (1), the distance is not changed
  • Use_PendingOrder - enable the use of pending orders
  • Use_PendingTrailing - enable trailing pending orders
  • PendingOpen - distance to place pending orders
  • PendingTrailingStep - step for trailing pending orders
  • PendingClose - enable deletion of pending orders when closing positions
  • Use_Guard - enable protection of the EA operation in case of unexpected spread expansion
  • TakeProfit - fixed profit level
  • StopLoss - fixed loss level
  • Use_StopCorrect - enable adjusting StopLoss in case slippage occurs when a pending order triggers
  • Use_PositionTrailing - enable trailing of open positions
  • Use_RealTrail - enable trailing stop
  • Use_VirtTrail - enable virtual trailing stop relative to all positions
  • Use_Save - enable the minimum position profit
  • SaveStart - the level of the minimum position profit
  • SaveStop - the distance to place the minimum position profit
  • TrailingStart - trailing start level
  • TrailingStop - trailing distance
  • TrailingStep - trailing step
  • ProfitClose - percentage of the desired profit of all orders relative to the balance
  • DrawdownClose - percentage of the maximum allowed drawdown relative to the balance
  • FixedLot - lot size when the MM is disabled
  • Use_AutoMM - enable the automatic lot size calculation
  • AutoMM - percentage to calculate AutoMM
  • Use_All_Close - enable closure by the total profit of orders in different directions
  • Martin_All - enable the use of the martingale in both directions (if set to false, martingale works in each direction separately)
  • Martin_CF - martingale coefficient
  • Max_Spread - the maximum allowed spread size
  • Slippage - the maximum slippage in points
  • Magic - identifier for working with other experts at the same time
  • Open_Comment - comment for trades
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