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Super Parrot

The Super Parrot multi-timeframe indicator uses five standard indicators.

The Super Parrot is a trend indicator.

It generates more or less signals depending on the settings of the fast and slow MA.

The indicator works on all timeframes and all instruments.

The blue arrow is a buy signal. The red one is a sell signal.

Recommendations on indicator usage:

Take profit should be 2-3 times greater than the Stop loss.

The higher the indicator timeframe, the greater the Take profit and Stop loss values.


  • MA_fast_period - fast MA period
  • MA_fast_method - fast MA method
  • MA_fast_ap_price - fast MA applied price
  • MA_slow_period - slow MA period
  • MA_slow_method - slow MA method
  • MA_slow_ap_price - slow MA applied price
  • ADX_period - ADX indicator period
  • ADX_ap_price - ADX applied price
  • EMA_fast_period - fast MA period of the MACD indicator
  • EMA_slow_period - slow MA period of the MACD indicator
  • SMA_signal_period - signal MA period of the MACD indicator
  • MACD_ap_price - MACD applied price
  • Alert when a signal, if false - disabled - Display an alert when the indicator generates a signal, if "false" - disabled
  • Working timeframe indicator, if "current" - timeframe of the current chart - working timeframe of the indicator, if "current" - current
  • UP_color - color of the "BUY" arrow
  • DN_color - color of the "SELL" arrow
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