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Moving Smart Tracker

  • Expert Advisor based on Moving Average Advanced, fully automated.
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss are calculated by Average True Range of the bars.
  • Developed for EURUSD H1, works on any pair.
  • TP and SL are placed with the orders for safety.
  • Spreads are not relevant because the trades are of many pips.
  • Backtest by 'Open Prices Only' is the best and fastest way with this Expert Advisor. Don't miss let a Forward Period of 4 months to see consistency.
  • You can start from only 100 USD with 0.01 lots. Low leverage is not a problem, so it's suitable for every broker, US citizens included.
  • Works in Long Therm, one or two months without a new maximum is common in this Expert Advisor.
  • It is not a scalper, not martingale.
  • It has incorporated a Stop and Out control, if you lose money and reach the limit fixed for you, it closes the trades and sends an email to you.
  • Default values are good for several brokers, you can do a backtest with other brokers if you have troubles with yours.
  • There are many settings to play with in backtest, but default values are good and recommended.
  • See the News section for see the last settings and other useful information.

Expert advisor inputs

  • Expert_Name - Moving_Smart_Tracker.
  • Magic - Number for identifying the trades of this expert advisor.
  • LotsOptimized - If True, lots are calculated based in Risk_SL_Percent input, It means that the smaller operation will risk this percent of equity of your account. If false, It always uses the value Lots.
  • Lots - Volume of the trading operations used when LotsOptimized=false.
  • MaxLots - Maximum volume allowed by the broker for one trade.
  • Risk_SL_Percent - It means that the smaller operation will risk this percent of equity of your account, the recommended value is between 1-5 %.
  • Maxtrades1_18 - Maximum number of trades simultaneously opened. It can be between 1-18.
  • MartingaleFactor - Martingale is possible with this expert advisor. Here you can adjust the maximum number of attempts to win the operations previously lost.
  • StopOut_PercentEquityDD - Here you can put the maximum percent of equity of your account that you can lose before closing and stop the trades. This kind of protection should be incorporated in every expert advisor. We recommend put the maximum drawdown obtained in your backtest following our instructions paying attention on putting the Risk_SL_Percent of your choice.
  • StartBalanceFor_StopOutDD - The value of equity from which you want start monitoring the StopOut control. For example, you have lost 5% from the last maximum of profits and want a Stop Out of 15%, you must put your highest value of balance here. Let 0 if you want the EA considers the actual balance value as the starting value for monitoring.
  • iMAperiod - Period considered for the moving average 1. Recommended between 10-40.
  • MA_Dif_Max - Value of filter for the moving average signals. Recommended 1-10.
  • iATRperiod - Period considered for average true range for set TP and SL values. Recommended 50-300
  • iATRmultiplier - Multiplier applied for setting TP and SL values. Recommended 1.5-7
  • SelliMAperiod - Sets the moving average period considered. Recommended 10-40
  • SellMA_Dif_Max - Value of filter for the moving average signals. Recommended 1-10.
  • iMAperiodLTF - Moving average filter added. Recommended 10-14.
  • OpenHour - Start trading hour. Recommended 0.
  • CloseHour - Stop trading hour. Recommended 24.
  • MaxSpread - Maximum spread allowed for opening a trade. We recommend the double of the usual of your broker.
  • SlippageMax - Maximum slippage allowed for a trade. Recommended 10.
  • ReverseTrades - If true, the trades are opened in reverse direction.
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Version 2.1 2017.01.27
Dear costumers,
This version has the actualized settings for EURUSD.
The speed for Backtesting has been improved.
The explanation about the program and backtest has been updated.
We will update the settings when be necessary again.
Remember that a little tuning can be convenient for some brokers.
Thanks for your trust.
Version 2.0 2016.10.21
*Huge improvement of the performance.
*A lot more operations.