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Mysterious Parrot

The Mysterious Parrot indicator uses multiple filters. It generates more or less signals depending on the settings.

It can be used both for scalping on the M1, M5, M1 timeframes and for intraday trading.

A position can be opened either after the first signal or after the subsequent ones, as the trader sees fit.

For example, it is possible run the indicator on 4 pairs, open trades at each signal and then close all trades by total take profit.

The indicator works on all time frames and all instruments.

Input Parameters

  • Max Bars - the number of bars displayed in the history
  • Use visual alert - enable or disable visual and sound alert
  • MA`s Period - period of MA, ranges from 8 to 100
  • ATR`s Period - period of ATR, ranges from 11 to 19
  • TMperiod - period of the second filter from 4 to 30
  • Intensity - sensitivity setting from 1 to 3 with a step of 0,1
  • Amplitude - amplitude setting from 1 to 4 with a step of 1
levandovski 2016.08.15 08:44 

Good job, to work on the M1 M5

Version 1.10 2016.10.07
Fixed some inaccuracies.
The indicator now works on all symbols.