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The indicator displays the strength of a trend in different shades of colors. The brighter the color - the stronger the current trend. When the trend ends, the black color is displayed. It does not get redrawn. Quite easy to use thanks to the minimum of settings. The default parameters are designed for the М1 and М5 timeframes of the EURUSD pair.

Input Parameters

  • Filter - The degree of price movement filtering. Increasing the value gives more long-term signals, but it may be delayed.
  • Sensitivity - sensitivity to the opposite movements. Increasing the value gives fewer false signals.
Ioannis Velikis
Ioannis Velikis 2016.10.14 21:02 

All the indicators work not good enough.

But when they are functioning with your indicator then they are working perfect!!!

Thank you for the good job!

fortunaviktoru 2016.10.14 19:20   

индикатор супер! отличная работа! сделал по нему пробойную систему. P.S. Благодарю.

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.30 12:04 

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harros_80 2016.08.06 12:15 

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