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This EA follows the stock price market taking advantage of the trend impulses and setbacks . It is always in the market since we activate it until we disconnect it. This EA works constantly with any financial instrument of quotation (24/7).


When the robot starts then it makes a calculation of volatility and waits to perform the first operation when it takes a trend. From here it will start closing and opening new operations in the same direction of the trend and volatility sections . If the price changes direction and exceeds the regression, then the negative position is closed and opens another one according to the new trend and with a higher volume.

This system works according price levels, therefore there are no Stop Loss. Furthermore, the reference is the Take Profit.


For currency pairs with volatility , especially the EUR / USD , GBP / USD or USD / JPY and also for Commodities BRENT GOLD, we suggest working with the five instruments all at once, just in case if the capital allows it .

When stopping the system using the button Auto Trading with opened positions, we recommend putting a Stop Loss and Take Profit manually at each position.


It is an automatic system which is increasing by lots and for safety reasons we recommend starting with 0.01 lots.

For each choosen instrument must be the following Balance

  • Currency………...….. $ 5.000,-
  • Commoditties…….. $ 15.000,-
  • Index…………....…..$ 20.000,-
Let’s clarify it with an example: With $ 20.000 balance could start one the following options:
  • 4 currency instruments with 0,01 lots by each one
  • 2 currency instruments with 0,02 lots by each one
  • 1 currency instrument and commodities instrument with 0,01 lots by each one
  • 1 index with 0,01 lots


  • Lots= 0.01 lots by default.
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