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Cool Martingale

This is a fully automated trading robot, Cool Martingale trades using entries based on two indicators. The EA can open an order immediately or wait for BarSignal - the bar to open an order. Settings of one of the indicators are displayed in the EA settings. The EA waits for a signal, opens an order, and if the take profit triggered, waits for the next signal. If the take profit was not triggered and the first order moves into a loss, the EA opens an order after Distance between orders, if the signal of the indicators matches the desired direction, it recalculates the take profit for the order grid and closes the order grid. The EA implements a protection - Max. % Drawdown after which new orders can not be opened - the EA does not open new orders, but works only with the already opened ones (if necessary, it opens additional grid orders). It is also possible to manually define the trading direction - Buy or Sell (Trading BUY and Trading SELL). It is possible to manually disable opening new orders after opening, for instance, one order. Then the EA will wait for the order or orders on the given currency pair to be closed, and it will not open new orders until Open new orders is set to TRUE.

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Key Advantages of the EA

  • No arbitrage.
  • User friendly.
  • Works on all brokers.
  • Can work with fixed lot and MM.
  • The EA works on all pairs.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • 4-5-digit quotes.
  • Minimum deposit of $1000 at a lot size of 0,01 (of 10000 cents - 0,1 lot)
  • Make sure to use VPS
  • 24/7 terminal operation.
  • Working timeframe is Н1 or Н4


  • Trading BUY - Buy trades
  • Trading SELL - Sell trades
  • Open new orders - open new orders
  • LotFix (if 0 it %) - lot size (if 0 then uses percentage of the deposit)
  • % For the calculation of Lot - percentage of the deposit
  • The maximum number of orders in one direction - the maximum number of orders in one direction
  • Max. % Drawdown after which new orders can not be opened (0: not used) - percentage of drawdown in the deposit currency, after which new orders are not placed, orders are opened only for the unprofitable order
  • Magic EA - Magic number
  • Lots factor - Lot increase factor for the next order in the grid
  • Take the first order - take profit for the first order
  • Take orders for grid - take profit for the order grid
  • Distance between orders - distance between orders
  • BarSignal - the bar to receive the signal (1-10)
  • TMperiod - period of the indicator (4-30)
  • Intensity - intensity (1.0 -3.0 with a step of 0.1)
  • Show levels without loss - display the breakeven level
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