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Divergent Averaging

The Divergent Averaging (version for MetaTrader 5) EA consists of the Divergent EA and averaging module. It uses the divergence of the MACD indicator peaks and chart peaks as the signal for the first entry. The presence of a volatile bar towards the loss serves as a signal for averaging deals.


  • It can work on any timeframe and instrument
  • Calculation of risk per trade for any account currencies and instruments.
  • 8 position management modes
  • Flexible adjustment of the operation hours
  • Works both in single mode and in averaging mode
  • Smart system of averaging lot calculation

Recommendations when using the averaging module

  • Use a separate account
  • Choose an account with maximum leverage and minimum Stop Out level
  • Decreasing the profit targets increases the account survivability
Attention! When using the averaging module the maximum loss is calculated up to the Stop Out level. Keep this in mind when trading, and only use the sum you can afford to lose


Operation hours

  • Single hour mode - Mode of operation in a fixed hour. Created for the EA optimization and analysis of separate results of each hour. For optimization, set it from 0 to 23 with a step of 1
  • Hour range mode - Mode of operation in a time interval. The start hour is always less than the end hour
  • Custom hours mode - Mode of operation on individual hours from the list. It is possible to set the Min distance key parameter for each individual hour. Parameter string format: 5/7;6/8;11/10;12/9, where hour/Min distance;hour/Min distance
The Trade Logic
  • Fast EMA - Period of the fast moving average of the MACD indicator
  • Slow EMA - Period of the slow moving average of the MACD indicator
  • Type price MACD
  • Min time between macd peaks - The minimum time between MACD peaks in a model (see screenshots)
  • Max time between macd peaks - The maximum time of the whole model
  • Min distance between chart peaks - The minimum distance between the peaks on the chart (see screenshots)
  • Slippage
  • Spread filter - if the current spread exceeds this value, no new trades are opened
Risks and position management
  • Risk per trade - Risk per trade. Calculated based on the specified StopLoss. If 0, then a fixed Volume value is used. Applies only to single mode.
  • Volume - Total position volume. Ignored, if the Risk per trade or Target first trade values are set
  • Equity step - Step of binding the equity to volume. Used only with fixed volume
  • TakeProfit1 - Take profit of the first part of the position. The position is split into 2 equal parts. Rounding is in favor of the first part
  • TakeProfit2 - Take profit of the second part of the position
  • StopLoss - Total Stop loss of the position. Ignored if the averaging mode is enabled
  • Trailing Stop - Trailing stop value. The trailing stop is implemented the same way as in the terminal
  • Breakeven level - The distance in point to move the stops to breakeven
  • Breakeven and Trailing mode - Select the mode of position management. When working with averaging, only the first trade is managed

Position management modes

  • 0 - 1 order with TP1, Trailing - No, Breakeven - No
  • 1 - 1 order with TP1, Trailing - Yes
  • 2 - 1 order with TP1, Breakeven - Yes
  • 3 - 1 order with TP1, Trailing - Yes, Breakeven - Yes
  • 4 - 2 orders, BreakEven - No, Trailing - No
  • 5 - 2 orders, Breakeven - Yes for 2 orders
  • 6 - 2 orders, Trailing - Yes for 2 orders
  • 7 - 2 orders, Trailing for second order after first TP
Averaging module
  • Averaging mode - Enable or disable the module
  • Bar volatility for averaging - Bar volatility for the averaging signal (see screenshots)
  • Target TP next - Target from the averaging order in points for the total take profit
  • Target first trade - Target percentage for the first divergence trade. Calculated only when both these parameters are set: TakeProfit1 and TakeProfit2. if 0, then a fixed Volume value is used.
  • Target next trades - Target percentage for the take profit after averaging
  • Averaging distance - The minimum distance to start opening averaging trades (see screenshots)
  • Final SL - Size of the stop loss from the last averaging positions in points. The Stop loss is at the Stop Out level of the account (see screenshots)
Other parameters
  • Joint use - Joint use. If true, trades are opened by the EA regardless of whether there are more open positions. If false, trades are opened by the EA only when there are no other open positions
  • Trace trades - Trace trades on the chart
  • Start magic for orders - Unique identifiers for orders opened by the EA. Increases by 1 on each trade cycle
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Version 1.3 2016.08.08
- Changed operation of the last position trailing mode (2 parts, Trailing for second part after first TP). Now, after the first part is closed, the stop is moved to breakeven regardless of the trailing value. The trailing works as usual for the remaining part of the position.
Version 1.2 2016.07.19
- Added Joint use parameter. Details are in the description.
- Added a switch for tracing trades on the chart.
- Improved the trailing stop operation
Version 1.1 2016.07.14
- Fixed minor bugs