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Break Out

The Expert Advisor is based on breakout strategy using H4 bars.

For each new H4 bar, new pending BUY_STOP and SELL_STOP orders are sent. If an order is executed, it is watched by trailing stop functions.

Some special time and price filters are applied to eliminate critical times.


  • Timeframe: H4
  • Trade Style: Breakout strategy on H4 bars using trailing stops


  • StopLoss: Stop loss value for each order. Default: 75 points
  • TakeProfit: Target points for each order. Default: 750 points
  • Risk: Defines leverage used for each order. Default: x50
  • UseTrailStop: Forces EA using trailing stops. Default: True
  • TrailStart: Trailing stops starts at this level. Default: 35 points
  • TrailGap: Trailing gap. Default: 10 points
  • TrailStep: Step of trailing stop. Default: 10 points
  • RuHourBack: If your MT4 terminal hour is back from original MetaQuotes MT4 hour, use this parameter. Example: if your MT4 terminal hour is back 1 hour from MQ MT4, you should set RuHourBack=1 (the EA avoids to trade at some critical hours).

Technical Details

  • Broker Selection: Five-digit ECN brokers with minimal EURUSD spreads should be preferred. Since this EA exits using stop loss, you will need a fluent execution, better if your stop loss order exists in market depth.
  • Testing: You can test this EA using H4 every tick mode.

Unique Properties

  • Awareness of critical times: Dynamically decides critical times and exits from the market.
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Version 2.1 2016.08.22
- trail stop error corrected, in case of low margin
- stoplevel calculation corrected
- when tf changes, ea does not lose it's state
- can manage multiple pairs in one account