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Strength and Weakness Trading System Demo

This is a full automated Multi-Currency Trading System based on price action analysis, algorithm and logic functions to find out what the STRONGEST currency is and what the WEAKEST currency is, then pairing and focus on that symbol pair to trade. It is combined with Breakout Trading Strategy and Loss Recovery Trading Function instead of Stop Loss. This Expert Adviser can also give traders the overview about the whole currency market in specific time frame series and traders can make their own decisions. It can be used in manual trading for trailing stop, loss recovery trading, close all by time.

  • Leverage: greater than 1:200
  • Min deposit: 1000$
  • Account type: Instant execution
  • VPS is required

Short description

  • 100% automated trading system (click and go)
  • Strength and Weakness Tool + Breakout Strategy + Loss Recovery Function = Strength and Weakness Trading System
  • Long term investment


  • Loss recovery trading function.
  • Reverse Loss recovery function.
  • Hidden/Show stop loss and take profit (SLTP).
  • Breakout trading strategy.
  • Fixed and automated lot size based on account balance.
  • Does not use indicators.
  • No scalp.
  • Flexible trading time.

How It Works?

  • The STRONGEST currency vs. the WEAKEST currency = Symbol pair for BUY order
  • The WEAKEST currency vs. the STRONGEST currency = Symbol pair for SELL order


  • Strength and Weakness Tool: Select the function to calculate "Currency Index"
  • Start Time Frame (TF) + 3 Higher TF.: Select start time frame and higher time frame to analyze the market. Properly select from M5-H1
  • Currency Index for Open Order X: If the currency index is greater or less than the value, the EA will place the first priority orders. Properly from: 0-40.
  • Time Frame To Find Highest/Lowest: Select time frame to find highest or lowest. Properly select: H1, H4, D1
  • Back Bars To Find Highest/Lowest: Number of back bars to find highest and lowest, must be greater than 0
  • Balance X($): The base amount to calculate lot size, must be greater than 0
  • Auto Lot Size (lot) Per 1 Balance X: the ratio to calculate lot size per 1 Balance X. Properly start from 0.01
  • Fixed Lot Size: The fixed lot size you want to open orders. Properly start from 0.01
  • Stop Loss (Point): The distance from the open price to place a stop loss
  • Loss Handle Strategy: Select the mode of Trailing Stop or Loss Recovery. Recommended: Loss Recovery Trading
  • Use Trailing Stop: Select the mode of use trailing stop or no. Not active when Loss Recovery Function is working
  • Take Minimum Profit (Point): Min profit in point to activate trailing stop
  • Zone Recovery Area Size (Point) (>=100): The size of loss recovery trading to open turn round positions, must be greater than 100. Properly start from 200
  • Reward = Take Profit (Point): The target in point to close all loss recovery turn rounds
  • Anti-Trend Turns Keeping First Position's Lot Size (%): The keeping percent (%) of overlap lot size. For example, the first turn round lot size is 1 lot, and the value of this parameter is 10% then the lot size will make profit is 0.1 lot when the price hit the target/reward price. It means when the market goes against you, you always make profit of 10% of the first position. Properly from 5 to 20.
  • Turn 3 Keeping First Position's Lot Size (%): The keeping percent (%) of overlap lot size of turn 3,5,7,9,...
  • Max Loss Recovery Turn (R. T) (<=50): the max turn round of loss recovery position, value from 1-50. Properly start from 5-15


  • Use the preset input.
  • Low or free swap trading account.
  • DO NOT close any open positions when Loss Recovery Function is working.

Limitation Of Demo Version

  • Trading symbols limitation, only opens order for these symbols: NZDCAD, AUDCAD, AUDCHF, AUDNZD, NZDCHF.
  • Loss Recovery Trading Function dose NOT work.


  • MT4 tester does not allow to open orders of different currency symbols instead of the selected symbol for testing (only one symbol for testing).
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Eleni Anna Branou 2017.02.15 18:40 

Nice idea.

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