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ForexExpress EA was programmed to open trades based on overbought and oversold territory of different timeframes from M1 up to D1. It will open Sell if the price is in overbought territory and Buy if the price is in oversold territory and will automatically closed all positions once they become positive. It will only close once in positive but if the trend is against your account for more than 3 hours, you have options if you want to use Stop Loss, Cut Loss or Hold position. The full version of ForexExpress EA have advanced Hedging feature that you can activate anytime also with different input parameters so you can customize the trade of EA according to what you want. It can open from 1 position up to more than 3 positions simultaneously trading different pairs, I suggest you trade pairs only with very tight or low spreads. It can trade multiple currencies including CFDs, indexes, metals and gold, etc. with a combination of Scalping and Trend strategy.

There is no input parameters for this version of EA but my advance and full version of this EA have different input parameters so you can control how these EA will automatically trade for you. You can trade for as low as $50 on any MT4 broker of your choice as long as your leverage is 1:1000 or above but if you are using less than 1:500 leverage, I suggest you need a minimum of $100 to $500.

Some important Features and Benefits:

  1. Low minimum fund of $50 as long as the leverage is 1:1000 or above from any broker of your choice or $100 to $500 if leverage is below 1:500;
  2. It can trade on any MT4 trading platform of any Forex broker of your choice and on any trading pairs;
  3. 24 hours a day 5.5 days a week of non-stop trading;
  4. You can use any MT4 Forex broker of your choice and you can trade any trading instruments but I recommend pairs with low and tight spreads only;
  5. You can used the trades or signals generated by this EA on Binary Options trading;
  6. You still have the option to operate it on 100% autopilot or an option to trade together with EA by opening and closing positions manually.

You can copy the format of my MT4 trading platform on my screenshot below with multiple charts of different trading pairs and with EA on it. Although it can run on any trading pairs, I recommend you trade pairs with very low and tight spreads only, kindly check the trading pairs in my MT4 trading platform on my screenshot below.

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