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Rich Arrows

The Rich Arrows was programmed with one thing in mind; to help beginners and professionals alike remove the guess work from trading by picking potential high probability trades. It was built with two top notch exponential moving averages and the RSI(relative strength index) to help with turning points from overbought and oversold areas.

The Arrows are slow re-painters(wait for confirmation by the close of the bar) however they do not delay and appear exactly as the are from the screenshots. My favorite pair trading this is AUD/USD but they work well with all pairs majors for best results. Apply it on 15mins and 30mins timeframe. Once both time frames agree take the trade and exit by a predetermined target of 200pips or when the opposite arrow appears.

It works well with binary options too with an 87% accuracy. For options place a put or call in respect to the alert from signals given on the 15min timeframe to expire in 2hrs.

Input Variables comprise of a slow and fast EMA(Exponential Moving Average) and an RSI period and an Alert that pops up with notification on BUY or SELL or CALL or PUT respectively. 

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