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SlippageControl EA

The SlippageControl EA is designed for monitoring orders of other experts or manually opened orders. The EA contains the algorithm of statistics collection and slippage control with complete statistics output on the information panel, so you can control the execution quality of the broker. It is great for monitoring the orders of custom scalper EAs. The data is collected to a certain user-defined file. It collects the data on slippages of both the pending orders (OP_BUYSTOP, OP_SELLSTOP, OP_BUYLIMIT, OP_SELLLIMIT), and also market orders (BUY, SELL). The EA unlike the library with the same name https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/16506, is suitable not only for developers, but also for general users.

The data received from the file is processed, and the EA displays the information on the most important data, such as:

  • The total number of deals
  • The number of negative and positive (favorable) slippages and their percentage from the total number
  • The average slippage based on the entry/exit data
  • Total money lost on slippages, expressed in the deposit currency
  • Average money lost on slippages, expressed in the deposit currency


  • TimerMs - time in milliseconds. Sets the frequency of the EA operation.
  • WriteInLog - write the data to the expert log (true/false)
  • WriteInFile - write the data to a file (true/false)
  • FileName - name of the file to write
  • MagicList - filter by magic number. Empty value - monitor all orders (including manually opened orders). 0 - monitor manually opened orders, or a list of the magic numbers of the EAs (each value must be separated by comma without spaces, for example: 1,2,3,4)
  • SymbolList- filter by symbol of the order. Empty value – monitor all symbols. Or a list of symbols (each value must be separated by comma without spaces, for example EURUSD,USDJPY,GBPUSD) - important: symbols must be entered without prefixes and suffixes, as they are determined automatically.
  • Lang - selection of the language to display statistics (Russian/English)
  • TextColor - text color of the displayed information;
  • TextSize - text size of the displayed information;
  • Corner - selection of the anchor corner to display the information panel
  • CommentSL - comment to trade closed by stop loss.
  • CommentTP - comment to trade closed by take profit.

If your broker uses different comments to deals closed by stop loss or take profit, specify them here. By default, [sl],[sl/gap] and [tp],[tp/gap] are used.


The data for the statistics calculation is taken directly from the file. The terminal can be closed at any time, the data will not be lost. It is also possible to open the file during the EA operation. It can be edited (delete unwanted entries, separate lines with commas). The file should be saved once the editing is complete.

Restrictions and conditions

The slippages of market orders (buy/sell) opened or closed manually or using OrderSend() / OrderClose(), in experts, are not considered. Only the slippages of market orders closed by stop loss or take profit are considered. Slippages are calculated for five-digit quotes (in points)

project13et 2017.09.05 13:03 

The product is not working as describe and most of slippage recorded don't match with the real slippage special for ECN accounts. The owner promise 3 times to improve the product, he even said that he submit the product for review and will provide a fixed version, More then 4 months passed and he didn't answer back or fix the problem.

cyberryder 2016.07.06 20:03 

Working great after the v1.1 update! A MUST-HAVE tool for every scalper trader. Simple, but extremely helpful and time-saving to compare brokers. Only works with EAs using pending-orders and SL!

Version 1.2 2016.10.14
1. The Corner parameter has been renamed to TextCorner.
2. Added the CommentSL and CommentTP parameters. If your broker uses different comments to deals closed by stop loss or take profit, specify them here. By default, [sl],[sl/gap] and [tp],[tp/gap] are used.
3. Small changes in the output of data to file and on the screen.
Version 1.1 2016.06.06
1. Fixed a bug in calculation of slippages
2. Removed the 'Magic' and 'Pair' parameters. Instead, there are new 'MagicList' and 'SymbolList' parameters - work in the same way, but now correctly
3. Added parameter TimerMs - the EA now does not depend on ticks, the refresh time is specified in milliseconds (not less than 50 ms and not more than 5000 ms)
4. Added parameter Corner - to attach the information panel to one of the 4 corners
5. Changed the format of the statistics output to file and log (it now specifies the symbol and lot)
6. Fixed minor errors