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MT4 Binary Option EA


This EA is a signal alarm and automatic trading system on MT4 for binary option.

The requirements for the platform:

  • Signal alarm is applicable to all MT4 platforms. (Operation (manual) signals for the MT4 or Web binary option trading.)
  • Automatic trading only applies to the MT4 platform that supports automatic trading the binary options.

On such MT4 platform, using automatic trading does not require any BO plug-ins; the binary option can be traded directly as the Forex symbol.


A. Test

The Binary Option EA is different from the ordinary Forex EA; you can not directly test the process and results of the trading.

Only may test, observe and evaluate win rate and effectiveness of the trading signals made by the EA, and in "visual mode".

(In test mode, auto trading function is invalid.)

  • The EA supports 5M, 15M, 30M and 60M time frames, all Forex symbols with standard (6 character) name and their binary option symbols (suffix with "bo").
  • This version does not support 1M time frame. (Will be supported by another version)
  • Recommended test time frame: 5M
  • Number of bars: more than 100
  • Recommended first Symbol: EURUSDbo
  • Recommended server: ALTrade-Server
  • Visual test bars: more than 5 candles
  • Running hours: 0:00~24:00
  • In signal alarm (manual trading) mode and test mode, the symbol can be ordinary Forex, can also be binary option.
  • In automatic trading mode, the chart (which the EA is attached on) must be the binary option chart.
  • Which symbol and time frame chart the EA is attached on, which symbol and time frame the signal will be about.
  • In automatic trading mode, the chart period is corresponding to the expiry of the binary option, and the expiry must be supported by the platform.

B. parameter setting

  • AutoTrade (automatic trading switch)

Set the initial state of the automatic trading switch (on/off).

While the EA is running, you can click the switch button ("Display Week") on the panel at any time to open or close the automatic trading function.

If the platform is on website, or does not support automatic trading the binary option, or you do not want to use automatic trading, please choose to close the automatic trading function, and in the first time in accordance with the direction and the amount of the signal indication manually send the order.

  • TradeStyle (trading style option)
The EA has two trading styles for choice: fish (high frequency type), hunt (low frequency).

Please choose to set a style, and remain relatively stable.

  • Investment (trade volume)

The EA uses a finite Martingale strategy; at most allow consecutive three losing and three additional double betting.

The earnings mainly relies on trading profit for the first time, the additional betting is only for recovering the principal.

The initial bet (Investment) amount shall not exceed 1/50 of the available funds.

MT4 account deposit (in auto trading mode) should be not less than 700$ (if investment=10$)

The risk is limited and controllable.

The amount should be integer and smallest incremental integer times; in auto trading mode, if not an integer and integer times, the systems will automatically rounding.

  • Lim_Inv (total amount limit of position)
  • Lim_Max (maximum amount limit of order)

Please set the value specified by the broker.

C. Signals

When the EA make a signal, the computer will issue a warning with a sound and a screen indication.

The screen indication contains trade direction and trade amount (trade amount for reference only).

D. Trade

Only send one order for each signal and each trade in the same account (Automatic or manual).

Please try to follow the signal indication to timely (manually) trade. Pay attention to the trading restrictions of the platform about the trading time and the order expiry. Make sure the network is smooth.

If you have doubts about the signal, you may make a choice.

It is best to stabilize on a chart that you are suitable for.

If it is automatic trading, after an order is opened, there will not be any confirmation window, you can see the binary option orders in the account (Including volume, direction, and the comment about the expiry and the yield).

The EA has a simple and convenient panel for manual operation.

For more details please refer to the screenshots.

Donaldson Rassolim Filho
Donaldson Rassolim Filho 2018.05.21 23:21 

if you use the EA in the right time and pairs, it works very well, it is much better than all the indicators I have already bought, the use of this EA plus a little knowledge results in something positive

Sori OU
Jaanis Korvas 2017.10.17 21:45 

A weekly test shows a stable job.

The following application would wait for the program:

Adding the beginning and the end of trading.

For most platforms, BO trading is limited in time.

For example:

Quotes 0: 00-24: 00 Trade 0: 00-21: 00

Quotes 0: 00-24: 00 Trade 9: 00-22: 00

Would like to get rid of the following error message

2017.10.16 07: 45: 01.187 '2215768': order buy 1.00 EURUSDbo opening at market sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 failed [Market is closed]

Version 2.0 2016.09.26
Added support for the binary option symbol with the suffix "OP". Fixed some minor bugs.