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WY Red Machine Turbo MT4

TURBO version of the EA.

The purpose of the system is to find sharp market movements are level breakouts. The EA does not use any indicators, only the price movement. NOT MARTINGALE. This is multi-currency EA. It works on 5-digit quotes of the ECN accounts. The recommended chart timeframes are M1-M30. Recommended spread is 0.0-1.1 pips. Tested on the currency pairs: EUR USD, GBP USD, USD CAD, USD CHF, USD JPY, AUD USD, EUR GBP, EUR JPY, NZD USD, EUR JPY. It showed positive dynamics everywhere in the form of an expected payoff of 2.5 pips with the spread of 0.8 pips and the commission of 2 units of base currency per lot. It implements automatic control over the lot size as a percentage of the deposit. Fully automated trading system. It implements simultaneous operation on all currency pairs and timeframes listed above due to the synchronization. It is possible to store the trading history to the "TradeStory.txt" file. This version includes an enhanced algorithm for detection of entry points, which increases the required computing power.

Does not conflict with the STABLE version.

It has a higher trading frequency than the STABLE version.

Parameters of the Expert Advisor

  • On/Off - enable/disable trading
  • Lot Auto Control - enable automatic control over the lot size
  • Max Lose Percent - the maximum allowed loss as a percentage of the deposit for one order when the automatic lot size control is enabled
  • History File Writing - enable storing the main parameters of the closed orders to the TradeStory.txt file
  • Lot In Disabled Auto Control - lot size when the automatic lot size control is disabled
  • Max Spread - the maximum allowed spread size for opening orders for five-digit quotes
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Version 1.2 2016.08.10
Added a simple interface for the emergency order closing.
Version 1.1 2016.06.09
Speed is improved.