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Colored Support and Resistance Lines Easy

Draw horizontal lines the easy way! Save time and effort! It doesn't matter whether you want it blue or yellow or whatever color you choose, just configure the indicator and that's it! You will have any line to use it as support or resistance.

Input parameters:

I have defined the following keys for drawing the lines:

  • M => as it was the "Monthly" line
  • W => as it was the "Weekly" line
  • D => as it was the "Daily" line
  • H => as it was the "Hourly" line

For each line you want you can define color, style and width (please see attached image), for example, let's say you want to have a color brown dotted-style and width = 2 line defined for the "W" key, then you would need to configure the following inputs:

  • WColor --> Brown
  • WLineStyle --> Dot
  • WLineWidth --> 2

And that's it! Do the same for each Key and configure up to 4 different line styles, close the input parameters window and you just need to hit those keys on your keyboard to start placing an horizontal line with the pre-defined attributes.

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