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Market Pulse Pointer

Feeling the market is an ability that few people have, and even fewer indicators claim to have. However the Market Pulse Pointer can feel the pulse of the market and interpret it to help the user make serious profits.

By utilizing multiple algorithms and making numerous calculations the Market Pulse Pointer can feel the 'pulse' of the Forex market. By feeling this pulse this indicator can predict the direction that the market is about to go.

The Market Pulse Pointer is made up of two parts:

Main Pulse Line- The market as perceived by the Market Pulse Pointer.

Market Pulse Shadow- A temporary change or movement in the market


Data Range- the amount of data taken into account

  • Most Recent-The Most Recent data is used, least amount
  • Balanced- A balanced set of data is used
  • Long-term- Long-term data is used, most data

Sensitivity-The higher the value, the more changes are caught and shown.

Using the Market Pulse Pointer

This indicator signalizes the moment in which either the Bullish or Bearish Trends display extraordinary strength, which makes it a great early warning system. When the signals follow the Main market trend, this is normal as they confirm the strength. However, when the signals go against the trend, it should be noted and acted upon as this is the early warning that the trend is about to change.

This early warning is best combined with an indicator that can show overheating in the market, such as the Stochastic oscillator, RSI or our signature Dynamic RSI Pointer.

An example of The Market Pulse Pointer Trend Analysis during a trend reversal, is shown on screenshots 1-3.

The Market Pulse Pointer is most at home at lower intervals, as it can separate the most important data, in the data stream, and focus solely on it. This is very handy in scalping.

Don't Flatline get the Market Pulse Pointer Today.

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